The Saab 900 : 1979 – 1993

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The Saab 900 continued the legacy of the 99 as a Combi Coupé / hatchback and was first introduced in 1979 and was produced for 15 years until it came to an end in 1993.

The 900 was designed by Saab designer, Bjorn Enväll and was produced in Uusikaupunki, Finland, Arlöv, Sweden, Malmö, Sweden and Trollhättan, Sweden

The Saab 900 became known as the classic 900 when it rolled off of the production line on March 26th, 1993 in an Imola Red 900 Aero, which was subsequently driven directly to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:


Combi Coupe / hatchback, three and five doors, five seats, 1,174kg/2,583 lbs, flip up forward hinged clam shell like hood, wrap-around windshield, hockystick shaped c-pillar, painted grille, rear rubber spoiler on turbo models, halogen headlights, bumpers from Saab 90 on all models up until 1986.

1979 MY GLI, EMS, with air filter.
1980 MY New Grille & Tail Lights, TRX Wheels
1981 MY 3-door, and now Four Door Sedan Offered, shown at Geneva Motor Show, larger side mouldings, all models reduced in U.S. to just 900 for base and 900S for EMS and 900 Turbo.
1982 MY Central Locking on GLE (900S & Turbo models), wie angle rear view mirror now available, 400 limited edition 25th Anniv. models Added with Two-Tone Blue/Grey, alloy wheels, 25th anniv steering wheel emblem.
1983 MY Front Parking Lights, Rear Fog Lights and electrically operated sunroof, leather was an option on Turbo models.
1984 MY New Silver-Grey Grille with slightly rounded corners, and 900 (GLE), 900S (EMS) and Turbo had three spoke steering wheel,SPG Prototype launched
1985 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG added, Saab-Scania Emblem on Hood, trunk and steering wheel, four door turbos had rear spoiler
1986 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG Side Indicator lights added to front fenders
1987 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG New Facelift on all models, 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG that included bumpers, bumper extensions front and rear, new grille, headlights and corner markers with integrated spoiler on front bumper for turbo models
1988 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG New Wheels To account for new hubs & brakes, same as 9000, window strips black, handles, decor plate and tinted windows.
1989 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG Third Brake light mandatory for U.S. Models, although this was present back in 1987 MY as campaign recall.
1990 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG Light Pressure Turbo 145hp introduced (LPT) in all markets, except for U.S. where 900S was Normally aspirated (ie. N/A), fuel tank increased from 63 to 68 litres.
1991 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, SPG
1992 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo
1993 MY 900, 900S, 900 Turbo, 325 900 Commemorative Editions.


Curved Instrument & Dash board panel, telescopically collabsible steering column, center mounted ignition switch and pollen filter.

1979 MY New Instrument Panel.
1980 MY New Seat with vertically adjustable head restraint.
1981 MY New Rear Seats, Electric Windows, larger fuel tank & trunk, spare tire under floor.
1983 MY Tachometer
1986 MY Center Armrest added
1991 MY Electrostatic compartment air filter added, same seats as 9000 with electrically adjustable driver’s side seat


Unitary construction, independent front suspension, wishbones, coil springs, rear solid axle, Panhard Rod, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, Front disc brakes, vacuum servo rear, twin circuit braking, rack and pinion steering, 58 litre fuel tank, 165SR15 tires, 5″ rim.

1983 MY Asbestos free brakes.
1988 MY New Brakes & Wheel Hub configuration, handbrake worked with rear wheels now, opposed to front.
1992 MY ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) included.


Engine Four-cylinder longitudinally mounted, 90x78mm, 1985cc, compr: 9.2:1, 118hp @ 5,500 rpm, 167Nm @ 3,700 rpm, Overhead valves, four cylinder, two valves per cylinder, ohc valve gear, one chain driven ohc, aluminium alloy cylinder head, cast iron block, 5-bearing crankshaft, Bosch CI injection, water cooling, viscous fan.

1979 MY GL 100hp engine, GLS 108hp twin carb, GLi, GLE, EMS Fuel Injected 118hp, Turbo 145hp
1981 MY Lighter & Stronger H Engine, GLE offered in only four door sedan
1982 MY Automatic Performance Control (APC)
1983 MY Five Door 900 GLi model with 118hp offered in Sweden.
1984 MY 900 T16S Aero Available in certain markets in Black or Silver, 900 SPG “Prototype” offered, LH Fuel Injection
1985 MY 900 base model had 100hp, 900i fuel injected 118hp, 900 turbo had 145hp, 900T16S 175hp (SPG in U.S. market)
1986 MY Intercooler added to existing eight-valve turbos, hydraulic engine mounts added to 16valve engines
1987 MY Catalytic Converter Added
1988 MY Water Cooled Turbo added
1985 MY 16 Valve 2.0 Liter Turbo & N/A Engine, 175 hp
1991 MY 16 Valve 2.1 (2,119cc) Liter Normally Aspirated Engine


Front-wheel drive, four and five speed transmission.

1980 MY Five Speed Transmission optional on EMS & Turbo models.
1991 MY Upgraded 5-Speed Transmission


Wheelbase 252.5cm/99.4″
Front Track 142cm/55.9″
Rear Track 143cm/56.3″
Ground Clearance 15cm/5.9″
Turning Circle 11.25m/36’11″‘
Length 473.9cm/186.5″
Width 169cm/66.5″
Height 142cm/56.25″
Performance Max Speed 105 mph/169 kph
22.5 mph/36.1 kph @ 1,000 rpm
Acceleration 0-60 mph 13.3 secs
Standing Mile 18.2 secs
Average Fuel Consumption 24.5mpg

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1979 MY – (U.S. Import 11,297)
1980 MY – (U.S. Import 12,906)
1981 MY – (U.S. Import 7,759)
1982 MY – (U.S. Import 16,946)
1983 MY – (U.S. Import 22,777)
1984 MY – (U.S. Import 31,638)
1985 MY – (U.S. Import 38,720)
1986 MY – (U.S. Import 36,973)
1987 MY – (U.S. Import 36,194)
1988 MY – (U.S. Import 28,321)
1989 MY – (U.S. Import 24,490)
1990 MY – (U.S. Import 24,490)
1991 MY – (U.S. Import 14,561)
1992 MY – (U.S. Import 14,829)
1993 MY – (U.S. Import 9,936)

908,817 Saab 900s were produced globally from 1979 to 1993.

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    A very interesting historical record of the good old Saab . Im in Canada, and thinking of buying a 1979 900GLi, going for $850…..probably 300,000+ miles. I had a 1982 model back in the uk , which i thought was great, but the timing chain change was too costly . Strange that they never corrected that timing chain wear problem …a triple link chain woulod never wear out!
    Thanks for the history , very good reading .Any gas mileage figures perhaps ?

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