Nearly 70% Of Swedes In Favor Of Nationalizing Volvo & Saab

Posted on 30. Nov, 2008 by in 2000-2009

Dagens Nyheter as well as the local, two of Sweden’s foremost respected newspapers have recently conducted a poll on where people stand on Nationalizing Saab.

The results from the poll are staggering, whereas nearly 70% of the Swede’s who participated in the poll are in favor of nationalizing Volvo & Saab.

I would like to conduct a poll here to see where you stand when it comes to ownership of Saab Automobile, with the understanding that if and when GM goes under, Saab needs to have an owner other than GM to survive whether that is privatized or nationalized.

Before you vote, research the issues.

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3 Responses to “Nearly 70% Of Swedes In Favor Of Nationalizing Volvo & Saab”

  1. Ted Y

    30. Nov, 2008

    Maybe you should have a 3rd choice. I would vote for a temporary nationalization for survival’s sake, but eventual privatization with perhaps some stabilizing investment by the government.

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  2. AJD-NYC

    30. Nov, 2008

    Save the Saab! I’ve owned four of them — two 96s and two 900s. The first Saab 96 saved my life in a rollover, so I’m a true believer in Saab. Bring it back home, Sweden.

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  3. Willem Aalderink

    08. Feb, 2010

    Restore pride in the technology advances Saab brought to the world and with it pride as a nation. Saab is a genuine swedish brand, known throughout the world, that stands for quality (which was lost when the brand was sold). Even if the Saab manufacturing company doesn’t make much money, the value of the promotion for the country cannot be under-estimated. (Don’t try to explain this to our cost-accounting focused financial ‘experts’). It does require creative minds to come up with new attention-catching new developments. This is where the challenge lies, which is the basis of pride…….’We did it’. Com’on Sweden, take ‘Saab’ home.

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