The Saab 9000 CD : 1988 – 1997

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The Saab 9000 CD (Classic Design) was first introduced as four-door sedan/saloon model in Nice in 1988.

The 9000 CD took on the facelifted body style of the 1991 9000 CC, however it was without a hatchback. 1992 marked a final “griffin edition” of the 9000 CD. A year later, the model was upgraded to a higher trim level known as the CDE. The CDE model had a CS body style facelift in 1995 where it continued until 1997.

Much like the first 9000 CC’s, three Saab 9000 CD’s took to talladega speedway in 1990 as well.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

Exterior: 4-door sedan, unibody construction, 9000 CC facelifted appearance, slant nose chrome grille, headlights, integrated fog lights in spoiler, darkened tail lights, alloy wheels 6″ width x 15″, 3110lbs

1993 MY Model Converted to CDE
1995 MY Model Converted to CS Body Style, white directional lights introduced except U.S. & Canada

Interior: Fully appointed interior, cloth and leather,full cockpit inspired dash, with dash mounted ignition (departure from console mounted ignition), ski pass through.

1988 MY Automatic seat tensioners
1990 MY Driver’s Side Airbag standard
1992 MY Passenger Side Airbag standard

Chassis: Long wheelbase, wide track, well balanced, macpherson struts, solid rear axle with shocks and springs

1992 MY Traction Control Introduced


2.0 Liter 16 valve 175hp Engine, transversely mounted, bosch LH fuel injection system, fuel tank capacity, 17.4 US/68 liters, 9.0:1 compression

1988 MY Water-cooled turbocharger
1990 MY Direct Ignition Introduced
1991 MY 2.3 Liter Engine Introduced, balance shafts present, 150hp, 212Nm of torque at 3800rpm. New Mitsubishi turbocharger
1992 MY 2.3 liter engine turbo introduced with 200hp and 330Nm of torque at 200rpm.
1993 MY Trionic System Introduced
1994 MY 2.3 liter LPT engine introduced
1995 MY 3.0 Liter V6 Now Available
1996 MY 2.3 liter Saab Ecopower engine introduced


1986 MY 5- Speed, front wheel drive
1987 MY Four-Speed Automatic Transmission, front wheel drive


Wheelbase 105.2″
Front Track 59.9″
Rear Track 58.7″
Turning circle diameter 10.9m
Length 188.2″
Width 69.4″
Height 55.9″
Performance Max Speed 132mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph 8.8 secs

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1988 52,199
1989 49,556
1990 45,648
1991 45,533
1992 45,906
1993 37,384
1994 32,196
1995 36,844
1996 32,992
1997 24,201

112,177 9000 CD models produced

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14 Responses to “The Saab 9000 CD : 1988 – 1997”

  1. Ian

    17. Jun, 2010

    I’ve owned a 1991 saab 9000 cd turbo for the past 4 years and it has been a real pleasure to drive.It is extremely comfortable and hands down the fastest car i have ever driven.I do not know about the pre or post 1991 9000,but my car with 157,000 miles is a thoroughbred in disguise and i like it that way.I have driven.Very few things have gone wrong and they were minor.The key is to keep up the maintenance and i must stress this….get to know the vehicle and learn to fix things yourself.Not only will doing this save you a ton of money,but you will be constantly amazed at the performance of this vehicle.

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  2. Dave Wave

    26. Jun, 2010

    I bought an old 9000 CDS for $700 in 2002. The whole family loved it. It was fast and comfortable and felt very safe. Stupidly I sold it 4 years later when the brake pipes needed replacing. Bad move. Nothing, not even a brand new 5 series BMW comes close.

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  3. James

    04. Feb, 2011

    SAAB has lived up to their promises, No compromise; I bought a 92 griffin In 08, it already did 147000 miles, had to do some repairs on brakes alternator and clutch, this car can go from 0 to 60 in less than 8sec. realy, TCS system is not working either, I am hooked I love it, SAAB a wonderful car

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  4. Tom

    12. Jan, 2012

    I bought a ’88 9000CD. I drove it for about a year and sold it. I drove least about 1000 different models since then, ,but nothing came close to that comfort.
    I didn’t know what I had until I lost it!
    It is still the car of my dreams, but if something breaks paycheck will be heavy.

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  5. peter

    04. Jun, 2012

    Me and my wife needed badly some cheap transportation , and what we found in the coner of the car dealer was and old saab 9000 cd from 1992. Ohh boy oh boy , where we astonished by this cars comfort and build quality, from the firs sec we took it for a test drive! we felt in love with it imedaly and bought it!! its been the absolut most comfortable car we ever driven since , not even a brandnew bmw 5 serie competes wiht this cars pure comfort…

    sadely we had to sell it again , during to bad economi , and couldent pay the bills for getting it running , and have missed it ever since!!

    but one day we will bye one again cause this car is the best!! even compared to queit expensives cars now a days standard.

    saab 9000 ROCKS!!!

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  6. Natalia

    20. Aug, 2012

    I own a 1991 saab 9000CD and I must say it attracts everyone. It’s sooo funny to see people stare at 5.4 feet petite blondie driving this long white beauty, I must say. Would not want any other car even though this one has more than 200,000 miles. Not even the rust and consumption could make you sell it.

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  7. steve

    05. May, 2013

    i have a 91 saab cd 9000, no turbo, got it for 500 dollars, it needs some exhaust repair and a fix on the water pump, even still better then my 88 jaguar, 95 lumina, 91 honda, 95 explorer, and my 91 celica combined, it has comfort, power everything, but no turbo, i have some pressure issues but should fix after exaust is good, my car has 270,000 miles and it runs so nice, im thinking about gutting this beast out and replacing everything, im from michigan and this car still has no rust, pure love

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  8. PeterS

    23. Jul, 2013

    my 9000-addiction started 4 years ago with a MY93 9000CD 2.3FPT Griffin a/t, which i could ‘pick up for free’ in Munich, which is some 800km/500mi away from me. went there by train and drove the car back. what a blast, what a car! all in all (train/taxes/MOT) it cost me about €850 to have the car registered in the Netherlands (including train tickets). when i picked it up, it had only done 193650km. today, the meter says 214885km. (but the meter’s been saying that for 5 months now 😀 )

    i still have the 9kCD, later on there came a MY86 9000CC and recently a MY98 9000CSE 2.0LPT Anniversary. and all this is topped off with a MY90 900Classic ‘forty’ (LeMans-blue metallic, bronze tinted windows, p/roof, p/lock, p/windows, Sunburst light alloy rims)

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  9. Jack

    16. Mar, 2014

    Hi, Well reading all these comments about Saab is sometimes confusing, I have become a Saab follower and it must have been my fist ever Saab I bought, coming kind of home form a years overseas stay back to New Zealand and being used to drive Japanese cars I stepped into a 1995 Saab 900 basic model but my God what a feel and personality, Thanks Saab for sticking to your principles.
    Since than I had 4 and coming up is my 5th, after a very, very bad experience with 1998 Saab 9-5 I have decided to take it on the chest and get back into Saab with a 1991 Saab 9000 CD with 61000KM on the clock (genuine), and I will enjoy every Km I drive in it.
    My previously owned Saab’s are a 900 a 9000Cd, a 900 Convertible (top class) and a 9-5, 2.3 turbo fantastic drive but sadly a Monday morning product.
    God Save SAAB and Long Live Saab.

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  10. Jukka

    08. Feb, 2015

    I’m driving my 7th SAAB at the moment. This one is 9000 CDE Griffin, MY1995 with 3.0 V6 engine (B308i) and automatic transmission. Colour: Scarabe green. Airbags on front, both sides. Electric windows, sunroof, side mirrors with heaters and leather seats with memory, ACC etc. 450.000 km rolled already but still working pretty well. What an Swedish Stallion! It came with set of summer tyres so I bought a new winter tyres / Aero alloys because I dont want to slip from the snowy road.
    Best car that I have ever been driving, no matter is it summer or winter.
    My opinion: 1700€ can’t be spent any better way 🙂

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  11. Michael

    23. Apr, 2018

    I own the one …. 9000 S CD / 1989 and it works well….. I owned many Saabs, I have 4 cars at home today, one from than wait for restoration …. All others are working well. At least this my sedan 9000 …. it was best buy … it’s my Saab No. 11 ….. ofcourse old cars need averytime something to repair but hos one is in good condition…. It took 265000 km and the Saab works 🙂 Saab forever …<3

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  12. Michael

    23. Apr, 2018

    At least I look for owner of Saabs 9000S CD, I drive 2.3i engine… Pls help me to find the details to this car… It’s sedan no hatch therefore I have some problem ……. Thanks my friends

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  13. Michael

    07. Aug, 2018

    I own and drive daily one of Saab 9000 S CD 2.3i engine / 280000 km …. very comfortable car at all. I own other 4 Saabs but this one is great 😉

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  14. Alan

    28. Dec, 2019

    Been driving Saabs from roughly 1982ish. 99saloon,900saloon,900 5door x2. A 9000 cse and finally a 9000 cd griffin. Very single one of them have been great cars to own. Lots of grin factor moments over the years,and all have been very economical to run. What absolute shame that the company is no more.

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