The Saab 9000 CS : 1993 – 1998

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The Saab 9000 CS body style was introduced as a 1993 model year, ending the 9000 CC body style. The 9000 CS body style also was adapted to the 9000 CD in 1995 as well.

The 9000 CS was notable as it had a lower profile nose, complete with a more aerodynamic stance, with integrated fog lights on the front, while it had the largest carrying ability ever with over 55 cubic feet.

The final Saab 9000 – No. 503 087 – rolled out of the factory on 6 May 1998 for delivery to the Saab Car Museum.

This model for Saab came equipped with the following specifications:

Exterior: 5-door hatch, unibody construction, low profile nose, integrated fog lights, painted bumpers front and rear, rear wiper weighing in at 3110lbs.

MY 1994 Heat Absorbing Glass
MY 1995 New Tail Lights
MY 1997 Anniversary Edition, unique aluminum wheels, spoiler and skirts as 9000 aero, wood and leather trimmed steering wheel, two-color leather upholestery, Saab aircraft symbol embossed on backrests.
MY 1998 New Aluminum wheels with Saab Griffin Logo on hub caps

Interior:Cloth & Leather upholestered seats, driver’s & passenger side airbags standard.

Chassis: Long wheelbase, wide track, well balanced, macpherson struts, solid rear axle with shocks and springs

Engine:2.3 liter 16-valve turbo engine with 200hp and 330Nm of torque at 200rpm.

1993 MY Trionic System Introduced
1994 MY 2.3 liter LPT engine introduced
1995 MY 3.0 Liter V6 Now Available
1996 MY 2.3 liter Saab Ecopower engine introduced


5- Speed

1994 Improved Automatic


Wheelbase 105.2″
Front Track 59.9″
Rear Track 58.7″
Turning circle diameter 10.9″
Length 187.4″
Width 70″
Height 55.9″
Performance Max Speed 132mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1993 37,384
1994 32,196
1995 36,844
1996 32,992
1997 24,201
1998 2,540
Total 503,087

174, 525 CS models produced

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10 Responses to “The Saab 9000 CS : 1993 – 1998”

  1. Henk Hagedoorn

    01. Feb, 2009

    I have a Saab 9000Cs manufacturing date: 7/1992
    2.3ltr 16 valve and need a workshop manual.
    Any available?

    In advance many thanks.

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  2. Ryan

    01. Feb, 2009


    Hello. The repair manual is from Haynes and it covers the Saab 9000 from 1985-1998.

    It is purchased via Amazon through

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  3. Gonzalo Cruz

    23. Aug, 2009

    Hello my silver 98 Auto CSE is identical to saab 9000 number 503087(Only diference my has sunroof). Can you please advice what is the las VIN number on Saab 9000 number 503087. Regards from Chile

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  4. chad wilson

    28. Feb, 2010

    i have the 1998 9000 cse , and i was wondering y the price isnt very high if theirs only 2,000 ever made , mine has 225,000 miles and its still kicking strong and its in excellent condition how much should i ask for it?

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  5. Gonzalo Cruz

    13. Apr, 2010

    2nd Request, for info, does anyone know what is the VIN of the last Silver CSE that rolled out of the Factory? I have a similar 98 Auto-Silver CSE with last VIN number 3235 I have not seen a higher VIN number or silver CSE like mine on the net, expect of course the LAST one built n. 503087. Mines has all commemorative package except for the wheels which are from the 98 CSE (Expose lug), Sorry to insist but I think it could be the next to last on built, if that the case, I want to store it. Can know for sure until I have the VIN n. of the last one. any help greatly appreciated.

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  6. Esteban Sottovia

    25. May, 2010

    Hola Gonzalo

    Este es un tema totalmente off-topic al del Saab, pero necesito saber, primero que todo, si eres la persona con la que me encontré hace aproximadamente 3 meses atras en el servicentro Shell, saliendo de Santiago. De ser así, te agradecería mucho me dieras tu dirección de e-mail para contactarte (o algún número telefónico), ya que estoy tratando de ubicarte desde ese entonces.

    Mi mail es
    Te agradecería tu respuesta.


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  7. John

    06. Jun, 2010

    I’m looking at purchasing a 1996 Saab 9000 with the V6 engine. Can anybody tell me ANYTHING about this engine, good, bad or indifferent??

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  8. Niels Chr. Sørensen

    08. Jun, 2010

    Hello Gonzalo
    My black 9000 2,0 CST 150 has last VIN no. 4504. It was registered first time on 30. dec. 1998 (in Denmark). I, too, would like to know the last VIN number of the last 9000. Perhaps one will have to go to Trollhättan to look it up?
    Best regards from Denmark.

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  9. Gonzalo Cruz

    18. Jun, 2010

    Dear Niel Sarensen

    Finnaly got the info; Vin number of #503087 “Last 9000 built”.

    Sent me an email.

    Regards From Chile

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  10. aaron

    03. May, 2011

    wheres the fuel pump located in my 9000cs 1993 . I was driving the other day and it stalled for no reason . and it cranks over but now no , start .whats wrong with it ?

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