The Saab Stand At the 2009 NAIAS Underway

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Photo Credit: Motortrend

The 2009 North American International Auto Show is taking place this year from January 11 through the 25th, with the press day taking place on the 11th.

Having attended last year’s event when the 9-4x BioPower concept was launched, I was recently asked before the holidays if I would be attending this years event by Saab Automobile USA, but have yet to receive any credentialing from NAIAS, nor any itinerary from GM Business Travel, etc. and/or any other material, so we’ll see what happens.

I am quite suprised that Saab is actually being displayed at the auto show this year given that GM has announced that they will be selling them within the next few months. Perhaps the reason for the Saab stand is to show some conscious business continuation to the new buyer while also trying to continue selling the remaining inventory of Saab 9-5s and 9-3s prior to the sale.

Motortrend indicates that this years auto show will be obviously quite subdued and one can expect no surprises at the Saab stand as well, just the end of production 9-5 griffin model in addition to the 2009 9-3 fleet. I would expect no 9-7xs would be present.


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  1. dc

    04. Jan, 2009

    GM did not say there were selling Saab. They said it was up for sale among other things.

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  2. Ryan

    04. Jan, 2009


    Here’s the last reference to selling Saab in the next three months.

    I guess the question here is, what’s the difference between “selling” and having it “up for sale”?


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