Saab Automobile For Sale On Ebay?

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This has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time, someone trying to put in a realistic auction for Saab Automobile on Ebay. Obviously it is a joke, but by whom?

The great attention to detail here is simply astounding, surely Saab is worth more the current bid amount? Please take a look at this description and try get through it, although the urge to laugh hysterically is pretty hard to stop.

Here are the details before the auction ended today, coincidentally on January 9th, reinstating Saab’s affliction with its model nomenclature “Nines”.

I am wondering who wrote this, because the location is Warwick, New York, so perhaps it’s a dealer given the careful wording below?

Click here on the link while it still works, in the meantime I’ve captured the details below:

Lets help GM find a buyer for Saab.

Pre-qualified buyers must call before bidding. Actually we are not a broker for GM, only someone who is interested in presenting to GM potential buyers for the brand. If you don’t think I’m serious, please check my feedback. Please note that the auction is for one day of consulting services – not the company.

As many of you know Saab Automobiles are great products offering a unique combination of exceptional road abilities with comfort and style only found in the best of European road cars. Saabs are made in Sweden (most folks think Switzerland funny how people get this confused). The Swedes are great people, wonderful to work with and excellent business partners. Swedish engineers represent some of the best talents in the car industry, they have a passion for design, function and safety in a similar way Porsche strives for speed and power.

Saab is one of the first pioneers of the turbo engine; today Saab’s 2.0 Liter turbo can achieve over 30 MPG on regular gas, even though the silly window sticker says 27 MPG (one of the first things a new buyer should address). If you are currently thinking of buying the Volvo Car Company, you may want to test drive a Saab today… you will find excellent value with great potential – yes it’s under-achieving right now, but that’s only because its parents spend more time with their other children, if you have a family you can relate how these things happen.

Don’t get me wrong, GM folks are great people as well, however they need the money right now and its most likely best someone buys Saab so GM can focus on its core business.

Because GM stated today they couldn’t find a buyer for Saab, I thought this listing may help secure an interested party.

Standard Equipment:

A nice manufacturing plant in Sweden and a sub-assembly plant in Australia

A lot of parts and tools and office supplies.

A few thousand employees, managers and supervisors, all very nice people with many talents and skills.

A few cars in the pipeline (nothing that a little focus and attention can’t solve)

A design studio, computers, and other fixed assets (hint to potential buyers, use fixed assets as a negotiating leverage, Swedish office furnishings are top notch).

About 400 world wide dealers (maybe more, not really sure), but a group of dedicated folks willing to do what it takes to keep this great brand alive.

Tremendous parts and service opportunities – Saab customers for the most part are very loyal – even more loyal than Volvo customers.

Great credit portfolio too… average HHI of a Saab owner has to be over $125,000 if not more.

Overall Condition:

Over 60 years old, in excellent condition, sports and performance focused, looks great at 5 feet, however up close you will notice the brand needs a little attention.

Saab cars are fun to drive, very seldom break down, are very sporty. In the world of “me too” cars like a boring Honda Accord or a Toyota (Taurus type) Camry, Saabs represent individual style and tastes of understated distinction.

Additionally Saab cars are one of the safest cars in its class, beating out Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo too!!

Blue Book Value:

Franchises and companies like these have sold for over $6 billion dollars, I’m told the reserve has been set low, automotive press reports that the brand can be purchase for as little as $100 million dollars. With a strong US dollar, building cars in Sweden can provide a great ROI, if you have experience in foreign exchange markets this can be a really big plus.

I’m told Michael Dell wants to buy dealerships, forget that, the way to go is to have complete control of distribution by owning a brand, hey you can re-name the thing, it won’t matter as long as you can continue to build great products and service your customers, profits will be there. Although GM stated Opel is not for sale, you may want to approach them with a package deal and roll in Saab as well.

About the Seller:

Well as I stated, I’m not representing GM, just trying to help. I’m sure the Swedish Government would supply some type of loan guarantees to get this thing going, and you could probably suggest to GM some type of transitional buy-in over time to assure that any planned product development activities continue, GM may also be able to private label all your transportation and warehouse needs till you get more familiar to the US market.

Ideally if there is any potential buyers you can contact GM directly, but please act soon, GM’s next Congressional meetings are planned for mid March.

Thanks for your interest; I will try my best to return any and all e-mail inquires.

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