How Integrated Is Saab Automobile With General Motors?

Posted on 13. Jan, 2009 by in 2000-2009


Saab Automobile’s President, Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson has recently stated that for the Saab brand to succeed, it needs to be separated from GM.

While this is good news, how will this be possible in the short and long term given their level of integration with GM? I take this separation as a process which will take some time, even if Saab Automobile manages to become separated and with a new owner.

One case study on this process, could be the DaimlerChrysler deal, which began as a collaboration in 1998 and ended 9 years later in 2007, whereby Diamler & Chrysler managed to merge, then split.

I believe that if Saab Automobile can split from GM, they could end up like Daimler, resulting in a better situation for success, and a company with an owner that cares about their future as well.

So the question here I have is, how Integrated Is Saab Automobile With General Motors? From what I now understand, there are quite a bit of areas in which they are integrated that include: Parts, Patents, Design, Technology, Service, Products & Facilities, am I missing anything? It will surely take some careful design in Saab’s business plan as to where to begin in the separation of these areas. I am positive they won’t all need to be separated immediately because they can’t be. Perhaps Saab Automobile could consult Daimler in how they managed their separation process their U.S. counterpart?

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16 Responses to “How Integrated Is Saab Automobile With General Motors?”

  1. mark93

    13. Jan, 2009

    Perhaps Saab could consult with Daimler about buying into Saab as well? I think they could use another brand. Smart doesn’t actually count!

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  2. Kevin

    14. Jan, 2009

    Be careful for what you wish. The last company that was purchased by Daimler did not do too well under their ownership. At least according to the Mopar fans on

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  3. mark93

    16. Jan, 2009

    That was Daimler buying a US car corporation with a number of brands. This would be much smaller. Just a single small European brand. I think it might work.

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  4. Deon

    28. Apr, 2016

    bukannya klo beli logam mulia ga pake ongkos yak? apalagi klo belinya di PT ANTAM sendiri, karna klo pake ongkos itu bukannya udah jadi kalung, cincin, dan semyiagnaa…teriba kasih infonya..

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    23. Oct, 2016

    Didn't DDT get banned back in the early 1970's? I wonder if IQs in the tropics improved during the period of time (about 25 years) that DDT was in use. If so then this would be just one more example of the racism of environmentalists.

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  14. You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

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  16. eckburg and bates

    17. Mar, 2017

    I heard Norman Goldman on the radio today, saying that if a candidate would convincingly run on just four issues, he'd win in a cakewalk. I think he's right.Those are:1. Bring American jobs back home.2. Fair taxation.3. End corporate welfare.4. Downsize the American empire.

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