Saab 9-3x Concept Car & 9-3x Cross-Combi Clarification

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There has been a steady increase in visitors checking out the Saab 9-3x section of this site which brought me to why I think some clarification is needed.

That section reflects the Saab 9-3x Concept Car debuted in 2002, which was a non-production one-off designed to showcase AWD capabilities complete with a C-pillar design that signalled the 9-3 SportCombi that debuted as a production car back in 2005 as a 2006 MY.

Fast forward seven years later, the Saab 9-3x Cross-Combi is an actual production car that will be debuting in March of 2009, that is raised, has the latest XWD system, and has beefier exterior mouldings.

You will see this is why I have separated both vehicles into their respective sections, the first within the Concept Car section, the second in the Production section, listed as Saab 9-3x and 9-3xc, respectively.

To recap, Saab 9-3x is a concept car from 2002, the Saab 9-3xc or Cross-Combi as I call it, separates the nomenclature as a production car. I hope this helps!

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