The Saab 9-4x Appears Again In Spy Photos

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Photo Credits: Bil Norge

Although we’ve already seen the final production photo of the Saab 9-4x, it has shown up yet again, in what must be it’s double-digit spy shot appearance.

This time, TS has found the photos which originated on Norway Car.

If you look closely, you can basically see all of the details because the camo is pretty much non-existent. So at this stage, what is the point of camoflage since it’s already been exposed? One detail I liked was the use of proper directional snow tires, which is no surprise, but it was nice to see!

Here’s still hoping that the 9-4x comes delivered with nothing larger than a “right-sized” 4-cylinder Turbo engine, with a diesel variant for ALL markets, oh and this was supposed to be the halo car for E-85 in North America. We’ll see if this car comes delivered as promised.

My wife who speaks Norwegian read the piece, tells me that there is nothing new here to report aside from the photographs.

The winter season of 2008/2009 is clearly all about the Saab “Spy” Photos!

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  1. Peter Gilbert

    06. Feb, 2009

    This is the most aesthetic photo of the 9-4X to date. Interesting, that a “Norwegian” car is using “Finnish” Nokian “R” Tires for testing. This combination must be awesome. It is always great to see new versions, in the flesh.

    When I returned from Sweden to England, in 1968, there was the 1st Saab 99 to leave Scandinavia, for testing in Scotland. I have a film of this white 99 driving onto the ferry in Gothenburg, and later I spoke with the test crew.


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