Maud Olofsson Reiterates Swedish Government Will Not Own Saab

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According to TTELA, Maud Olofsson says again, that since GM is not interested in any continued ownership of GM as stated last night at the Press Conference by Rick Wagoner, the Swedish Government is also not interested in owning Saab. We already knew that though back in December. So, the question really remains, how long will the Swedish Government be able to sustain Saab Automobile AB until it finds a new company.

I think that the reason that the Swedish Government is firm in their delivery and response to the GM press conference, is that they are frankly angry and disappointed at General Motors. They aren’t happy that GM has basically just thrown Saab on their lap giving up on the brand, you deal with them. I can understand the Swedish Government’s position at this time, and hope that the heat will lessen and they will be able to think more strategically in continuing Saab and providing it the financial support that it needs with both of the loans.

As I said before and I will say again, Swedish Government, please give Saab Automobile AB the financial support at this time. Yes it is tax payer money, but remember Saab has lost money due to GM’s inability to invest in them, their association with GM.

Maud Olofsson, close the door for state ownership of Saab. She did well during a press conference in Stockholm this morning.

STOCKHOLM – We close the door to take ownership of Saab. It announced Industry Minister Maud Olofsson just at the press conference in Stockholm.

The industry Minister eyes Saab Automobile lost. The statements she made recently at Rosenbad can not be interpreted otherwise.
– It is difficult to see GM take ownership of Saab now. It is difficult to see any other owners to enter. And we close the door to take ownership.

Then let her thoughts run in advance and spoke of those who now are unemployed in Trollhättan.

On the question of what happens next said Olofsson:
– It is likely that there will be a reorganization. Then you get the opportunity to develop what is good in the Saab. But that is the administrator thing, not the government.

Minister of Industry, initiated the press conference to draw strong criticism of GM.
– I am deeply disappointed that GM does not tell the truth. Man has taken his hand from Saab, and has not done its ownership – either now or earlier.

Since the release of State Jöran Hägglund in, to give the background to why the government does not intend to act for the Saab thing.
Jöran Hägglund figures on how car sales fall and fall. With that background, the Government is apparently as impossible that Saab could go against the trend and increase their sales.

The Government believes simply Saab’s business plan is credible.

And it is not ready to inherit some risks of GM.

– GM has redundancies for Saab. These we would take on if we went in as the owner – and we are not prepared to do, “says Olofsson.

Then she returned to what she already said so many times in the last week – that the government has a responsibility for tax money and do not intend to play monopoly with them.

In an attempt to make future hope for Trollhättattan region, she talked about the talented people who are in the Saab, the knowledge must be used and that the new research company will be used to see what could lead to new jobs.

In this work, she saw also Innovatum and School West as important tiles.

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