Saab History Urges International Saab Community To Write Sweden’s Industry Minister, Maud Olofsson

Posted on 18. Feb, 2009 by in 2000-2009, Sweden

maud1.jpgMaud Oloffsson, the Industry Minister of Sweden, who has initially been a proponent of Saab really is now the ultimate decision maker for the future of Saab Automobile AB’s road to independence.

I am asking you to contact her directly through her website in order to send your message loud and clear about the need for Sweden to financially Support Saab Automobile at this time.

This idea, found on another site, is a good idea and the more people that we can send messages to, the better. I know that the international Saab Community, has done quite well in our organization, even what we managed to do back with Car Magazine in our voting. If we can pull that off, we can certainly pull this message campaign off, because this is significant and probably one of the most important tasks we could take on as a member of the international Saab Community. It’s easy, just click the link, write your message, and hit send, that’s it!


I ask that you click on this link here ( and send her a message directly:

Please use this opportunity to express just how important Saab Automobile’s existence is to you, your family, your lives through safety innovations, environmental technologies, etc, etc.

I have already sent my letter, now is the time for you to send yours, while you are at it, you might as well send the same letter to both of her Press Secretaries as well at this link here (

I have placed a poll below asking you if you (honestly) submitted a brief message to Maud Olofsson expressing your interest in Saab Automobile’s future in Sweden.

Please vote honestly once you have sent her a message so we can see how many people have expressed their opinions to the Swedish Government on topic.

Did you send a message to Maud Olofsson?

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Oh, please if you can, cut & paste your message in the comments field below for others to see what you wrote to Minister Olofsson. 🙂

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  1. mark93

    18. Feb, 2009

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  2. Ryan

    18. Feb, 2009


    Thank you! I will replace the code in the page with that instead so everyone is able to read it! 🙂

    What did you write to Maud?



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  3. mark93

    18. Feb, 2009

    Hi Ryan,

    I wrote this:

    Dear Deputy Prime Minister Olofsson,

    I have owned and driven Saab cars in the UK and Australia for over twenty years and have been a fan of the marque since I was a teenager. GM accquired half of Saab in 1989. At the time I considered that to be slightly better than Saab being sold to Fiat as was the possible scenario at the time. During the nineties GM did help Saab with finance of a new 900, the 9-5 and later the updated 900, the 9-3. In the 1990s GM usually spoke with grand plans for Saab, but was always extremely reserved in it’s support for it. So often I felt that they gave Saab so little to work with and yet, the little Swedish car company managed to achieve wonders with the little resources that they were given.

    In 2000 GM bought the remainder of Saab, but I suspect this was with some reluctance as it left it’s option to buy Saab until the very last minute. Perhaps this was a taste of what was to come? I’m not sure, but Saab showed some very interesting concepts in the early part of this decade and yet GM allowed it to produce none of them. GM often said that Saab should have a full range of cars, but this decade has only given it the resources to produce one new model and even then Saab has been restricted in the range of bodystyles it has been permitted to produce. GM then complained that Saab wasn’t selling enough cars! How could it?

    For reasons known only to itself, GM has tried to suffocate and strangle Saab for most of this decade whilst pillaging it’s technology for use on lesser brands, with little or no acknowledgement to Saab. In the meantime instead of withering and dying, Saab has become a model of effiency within the GM organization. GM has said that Saab has only once made a profit. This is not exactly true. Outside of the US, Saab has regularly been profitable.

    Saab is a little gem. Yes it needs some help and polishing, but please don’t let it die. Find a way to keep it running until times are better and I’m sure there will be many buyers who will see it’s value. Saab is important to people all around the world as well as in Sweden as it offers us all something that’s just a little different. In these times, that’s a very valuable thing.

    Best Regards,


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  4. Shawn

    18. Feb, 2009

    Hi Mark,

    I apologize, I read this article and posted my concerns and ideals to PM Olofsson, but did not save the text. However, as a recent SAAB owner with both the hybrid GM electrical system, and the beauty of SAAB’s design and technological feats – I must admit, I’m a bit frightened for our future. Let us hope they see the benefit of their creation – and how Fortune 500 can kill even the most beautiful concepts.

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  5. Peter

    18. Feb, 2009

    Dear Maud Olofsson,

    we in Germany are following the global economy development also with anger and fear. From my point of view the time of global players in car production is over. Big companies as GM are not manageable. On the other side SAAB as a smaller company has no chance to be independant, but for the moment the swedish government must keep SAAB alive, because with the tradition, the quality, the faboulous designs and the innovations all over the years SAAB is the only brand which is different, means just for individuals…

    The strategy must be to separate SAAB from GM, to change it in an swedish AB where the swedish government is holding most shares. Germany must do the same with Opel. Than the cooperation can continues.

    A marketing strategy could be, instead of discounts SAAB is selling the cars with free shares – Why not?

    Conclusion: “Back to future” – SAAB was swedish, SAAB isn`t swedish, SAAB will be swedish…

    best regards and good luck


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  6. Ted Y

    18. Feb, 2009

    (My message)
    Attn: Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Deputy Prime Minister

    Dear Minister Olofsson,
    I am writing to express my thoughts and wishes for SAAB Automobile AB. I am an American with Swedish roots (my mother was Swedish) dating from around 1900. I am very emotional about SAAB and Sweden in general. Perhaps you think emotion doesn’t count in matters of business, but I disagree. I see Sweden from the outside, looking in, like most Americans. Not seeing Sweden from our perspective, you may not realize how much respect and admiration that little Scandinavian country has earned abroad, much of that because of SAAB Automobile. Sweden is seen as a country that punches well above its weight, much like Ingemar Johansson in 1959, when he was a 5-1 underdog against the great Floyd Patterson but shocked the world with a knockout.
    The SAAB brand name is famous throughout the world, like IKEA and Volvo. It represents Sweden well and should continue to do so. I believe you mentioned the possibility of making electric cars in Sweden. Why start a new company? SAAB has the expertise and ability to do that, with instant recognition around the world because of the SAAB name. Sweden has a proud history of engineering achievements and innovation, and no company fits the Swedish profile better than SAAB Automobile. Since 1947, SAAB has showcased its Swedish roots as an innovative and progressive automobile company, also punching well above its weight. Forbes Magazine recently listed the SAAB 9-3 as one of the safest vehicles for 2009, the only vehicle sold by General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler that made that list, from that little Swedish company in that little country of Sweden! SAAB Automobile has new models ready for production, and they are sure to be well received around the world. Please don’t let 60+ years of uniquely Swedish innovations, engineering, and contributions to Sweden as a whole come to an end.
    I know that there must be a uniquely Swedish solution that will let SAAB thrive in the future, to the benefit of the Swedish population, helping preserve jobs and that great Swedish tradition for innovation and excellence. Swedish leaders like yourself are respected around the the world as being intelligent and insightful, and I know you can find a solution. Please don’t start Sweden on the downhill road to being simply a tourist attraction. Keep Sweden strong and proud!

    I have also written to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. A copy of that letter with additional supportive information and photos can be found here:

    Most sincere regards,
    Ted Yurkon

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  7. Ryan

    18. Feb, 2009

    Thank you everyone.


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  8. Darryl

    18. Feb, 2009


    My family has been a Saab Dealer here in the States for 48 years continiously. We are currently the oldest continuiously owned exclusive Saab dealer in the North Eastern US and the second oldest in the US. I will continue to give everything I can offer to help the Saab Brand thrive Stateside and Worldwide. I strongly believe this can be achomplished with proper leadership, commitment, funding and products. I would be inspired to be a part of the restructuring, operation, marketing, product development or any aspect my family and I can offer to a new leadership program. My family and I carry almost five decades of experience in Sales and specifically Service of the Saab brand. I want to help.
    Please protect our Brand, our Heritage and our Company Saab from any further disruption by underexperienced, under funded companies who do not and cannot fulfill the Saab brand characteristics or passion.
    Your remaining Exclusive Dealership network will stand behind you 100%


    Darryl F. Carl
    New Salem Saab
    Albany NY, US
    “Saab since 1961”

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  9. Ryan

    18. Feb, 2009


    Thank you very much! You have that same message here in the comments posted in the e-mail as well to Minister Olofsson I hope?



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  10. Alastair Smart

    18. Feb, 2009

    Meddelande: Dear Minister Oloffsson, I am sure that you will already received countless emails asking for the Swedish Governments support for the continuation of the SAAB marque as an auto industry.

    It is likely that I cannot add any more to the argument other than to say that as a 3 x SAAB family here in Scotland and having been loyal to the company since my first SAAB back in 1980 and now some 18 SAAB’s later then it would suggest that the cars credentials tick all the boxes for my type of transport requirements.

    I like yourself will remember back to the more ‘independant era’ before GM’s interference took SAAB and it’s world leading technology into a ‘me too’ car design policy with a mass volume type of irrational thinking. I would long for the times when SAAB produced cars such as the 99 and 900 for a niche but profitable market and I firmly believe that given the opportunity to get back to their own unhindered engineering prowess, these times and profits will once again be forthcoming if given the necessary support from your government.

    I once again ask that your government to trust the company sufficiently to provide continuance so that SAAB can meet the needs of the next decade and beyond with more environmentally engineered cars for todays market.

    My sincerest regards,

    Alastair Smart

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  11. Bruce Ashley

    18. Feb, 2009

    Dear Minister Olofsson,

    As a long time, enthusiastic, North American SAAB owner, I would like to encourage you to help to make SAAB again an independent, viable company. And as a US Citizen, I would like to apologize for the inept and arrogant behavior of General Motors over the last decade with respect to SAAB. Please do the right thing knowing that there will be world wide support for more superb Swedish automotive design and engineering.


    Bruce Ashley

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  12. Cathi Maier

    18. Feb, 2009

    My message will be short. We have been a Saab dealer for over 30 years.
    Selling and servicing new and preowned Saabs with pride. We have been the
    #1 dealer on the east coast for over 10 years. Our passion for this brand
    has been with us through the good times and the bad. I can not imagine being
    with out Saab. I am asking for your support to please keep this wonderful
    brand alive. We “Saab” have never been given the full chance to shine. We
    either lack product, advertising or programs . Saab deserves better and
    all we need is a chance. Please consider supporting this brand. You have many
    U.S. Saab dealers that have been and will continue to proudly service the
    Saab brand. All we ask is for financial support. Thank you in advance

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  13. Ryan

    18. Feb, 2009

    Cathi, et. al,

    Thank you. I hope the Swedish Government reads every single e-mail sent here and decides to make the right decision.


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  14. Ben

    19. Feb, 2009

    WE appreciate all the negotiations that you have gone through with GM about SAABs survival.
    A few clarifications though, might be drawn to your attention:
    SAAB is not just “a” brand as you have stated, it is an extremly well reputed brand in the international automotive industry, producing high tech cars and inventor of many safety features.
    The comment that SAAB has for 20 years made enormous losses is most probably a way of GM to transfer funds and to invoice engines and other components to fictive costs in order to show the profits in countries of preferral. Who would think that Generous Mother (GM) would keep SAAB for 20 years with several billions of losses?
    The new models due for introduction over the next two years are in the very forefront of development and will with the help of good publicity and professional marketing management once again make SAAB profitable.

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  15. Ryan

    19. Feb, 2009


    Thank you! Very well said!

    Yes, the cats out the of the bag now as we realize GM kept Saab regardless of losses until all technologies have been adopted into their 4 core brands.


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  16. Kristoffer

    21. Feb, 2009

    Sorry to say but the last thing we Swedes want is for our goverment to spend our tax money on a company that bleeds like Saab does. GM has the full economical responsibility for Saab, not the Swedish goverment (and in the end we Swedes).
    Mrs Olofsson has My and most Swedes full support in not throwing our funds into the black hole that GM has turned Saab into, and any speculations that this will happen have no substance. It is absolutely clear that it will not happen.
    Maybe not what we Saab lovers want to hear but at least it´s the truth.

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