SVT Covers Industry Minister Olofsson’s Reponse To GM

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Sweden’s SVT indicates that Industry Minister Olofsson is truly disappointed with GM’s Business plan and press conference indicating their inability to see this happening even two years ago for the Saab Automobile brand.

Here is a rough translation from SVT below:

“Trollhättan will build more cars’

-Irresponsible. It’s Industry Minister Maud Olofsson’s comment to the GM’s decision to release ownership of Saab.

-GM takes his hand from Saab and say to the Swedish taxpayers that now it is your turn to pay. It does GM not in Germany, for example, she said to SVT’s Rapport.

Minister of Industry, now want to use the skills held by Saab to build something new. -We are not prepared to buy the car plants, “she says.

There is so much money, and uncertain whether it will make a profit.

Nutrition minister promises no specific aid package to Trollhättan. -Every time we are on a press, you want new packages: Our approach is to try to use the resources we have, “she says.

Under Secretary of State Jöran Hägglund (C), the other built in Trollhättan in the future.

-It is an important message to everyone in Trollhättan. The shorter the process, the better for all involved, “says Hagglund.

According to Hägglund, it would be more expensive to go into a holding in Saab than letting all Saab Employees go unemployed in 4-5 years.

When the Minister for Trade visited SVT’s Gomorron morning she said that she was “incredibly disappointed” at GM. She thinks that Saab’s American owners should take hold of their problems much earlier.

– I am extremely disappointed in GM because this is a large multinational company that two years ago knew that they were in a strong economic crisis but has done nothing all these years.

But you have held talks over a long period, have not these noises heard or seen?
– Absolutely, but that’s why I also have been clear to say to them that the Swedish state and the taxpayer in Sweden will not take car plants. You must take responsibility as the owner.

Can you put pressure on GM to take greater responsibility?
– They are in a very precarious position. We know that they do not even know if the U.S. government should go in with money, that they know at the end of March. So it is not even certain that GM remains. That is the truth, and then there is not, of course, Saab left either, “says Olofsson.

On the question whether a bankruptcy cost as much as to go in with money and save Saab now responsible Maud Olofsson:

– So, we also reasoned in terms of shipbuilding crisis. It POT money each year and finally got to a point when it said that “the State can not keep this under your arms.” We have to have learned nothing from the lesson, I think.

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    Your covering of the Saab crisis is pretty good ! Congrats !

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