The Saab Automobile AB Management Board

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The Saab Automobile AB Management board are deciding Saab’s future in their discussions with General Motors & the Swedish Government. I am interested in what became of the meeting because those results would presumably set the direction for Saab’s process towards financial as well as organizational independence from General Motors.

cph.jpgThe individuals that this board consist of their chairman, Carl-Peter Forster as well as the rest of the management board of Saab Automobile AB.

I am wondering if Percy Barnevik who resigned from GM’s Management board earlier this month, is a consultant to this board now or is he totally retired?

In the meantime, here is the Management Board for your reference.


Jan Ã…ke Jonsson Managing Director of Saab Automobile
Kjell Bergström Managing Director, CEO of General Motors Powertrain Sweden
Executive Director, Advanced Engineering, General Motors Powertrain Europe
Jürgen Burghardt Executive Director Manufacturing
Johan Formgren Director Saab Global Aftersales
Eric Geers Director Communications
Kristina Geers General Counsel, Saab Automobile AB
Lars Hägerborg Finance Director, Saab Automobile AB
Martin Larsson Director GME Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
Jörgen Nylén Vehicle Line Director
Simon Padian Director Design
Allan Rothlind Director Personnel
Steve Shannon General Manager of Saab USA
Jonathan Nash, Managing Director, Saab Great Britain Limited
Knut Simonsson Executive Director Global Brand & Sales Operations, Saab
HÃ¥kan Skarin CIO Information Systems & Services
Anders Svensson Vehicle Line Director

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  1. Don Bishop

    21. Feb, 2009

    Jan-Ake Jonsson

    Why not invite SAAB Drivers to become SAAB investors?
    We all have a considerable investment in our SAAB’s!
    Your computers know who we are.
    A $1000.00 investment would be affordable.
    Owners of 06,07 and 08 models would equal aprox 300000 persons @ 1000 = $30 M.
    Add to all the other current owners of SAABs and perhaps The SAAB Co-Op would work.

    Good Luck Don Bishop

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