Over 3,000 Strong, Show Support In Torchlight Procession In Trollhattan, Sweden

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Photo Credit: Stefan Bennhage/ TTELA

Over 3,000 strong show their support for Saab Automobile AB in a torchlight procession through the downtown sector of Trollhättan, Sweden this past Thursday evening according to TTELA.

Those in the photo above include IF Metall’s chairman Paul Ã…kerlund, and the Swedish Saab Club president, Stefan Löfven amongst many other employees, former employees, friends, family, loyalists, politicians, etc.

The procession began at Folkets House at 6pm and went to the Drottningtorget area of the town where speeches were held at 6:30pm.

Mona Sahlin, a strong supporter of Saab Automobile AB was one of the politicians who previously voice per position when speaking to Maud Oloffson on SVT during a recent televised debate.

IF Metall’s chairman Stefan Löfven and Saab club chairman Paul Ã…kerlund marched. Photo: Stefan Benn Hage
More than three thousand marched in Trollhättan

Trollhättan Over 3 000 people came to show their support for the jobs at the celebration held in Trollhättan in the evening.

Drottningtorget in Trollhättan filled with the people.

Mona Sahlin joined the procession.

– Then there are the hearts that beats for Saab, however, pointed out one of the participants.

Fackeltåget started off Folkets Hus and went to Queen Square. Eight speakers got the audience to rejoice.

– We are not here to remember something nostalgically. We are here to there is about the future, of which Sweden, we want to live in, said the Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin.

– A government can not shirk responsibility. Put the jobs first. When it is time for the next election, I sincerely hope that Maud Olofsson may stamp out, she continued.
Demonstration lasted just over a hour. It was organized by the IF Metall, LO-unions and social democrats in Trollhättan.

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