Swedish Government’s Mona Sahlin, A Proponent For Saab Automobile AB’s Success

Posted on 27. Feb, 2009 by in 2000-2009

mona.jpgSweden’s Mona Sahlin, A Proponent of Saab Automobile, has debated with Maud Olofsson on STV recently and this past Thursday, has demonstrated amongst 3,000 strong in support of Saab Automobile in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Mona Sahlin, is the first female ever to become leader of the Swedish Government’s Social Democratic party and a true supporter for Saab, challenging her political opponents wherever possible. I hope she can work to influence her constituents in the Swedish Government to ensure that Saab Automobile emerges from reconstruction in a better situation financially, and that the transition for a new owner is smooth and well supported.

This is a time when people that want Saab Automobile to live on, need to stand up no matter what and do what’s necessary to ensure a successful and viable future.

It is great to see her support our Saab Automobile brand with the rest of us.

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  1. Sebastian

    27. Feb, 2009

    just a short comment: Mona Sahlin is the leader of the Socialdemocratic Party in Sweden – one of the three parties forming the opposition in the current Swedish parliament.

    The parties joining the government are: Moderaterna (conservative party of prime minister Reinfeldt), Folkpartiet liberalerna (liberal party), Centerpartiet (center party of Maud Olofsson) and Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats).

    Opposing the government are Socialdemokraterna (socialdemocrats), Vänsterpartiet (left wing party) and Miljöpartiet (Green Party).

    So Mona Sahlin unfortunately has no influence on the decisions of the government if it comes to Saabs future. The middle-right coalition forming the government is trailing the middle-left opposition with a reasonable margin in the last polls. But next election for Swedish parliament is in fall 2010 … too late for Saab.

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  2. Ryan

    27. Feb, 2009


    Thank you for your insight, this is very helpful, and insightful.

    It’s too bad Mona Sahlin does not have that much influence here for Saab’s sake.


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