A Rare Saab Engine Concept From The Seventies

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Photo Credit: Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania

This photo was provided to Saab History a few years ago and today I have decided to let it surface.

I am hoping that anyone that is familiar with this concept, can help share their knowledge about what it is exactly, why it was developed, etc.

In the meantime, we can add this engine to the list of the many engines that never came to be included in production cars. These engines consist of the 9-cylinder steam engine developed the same decade, the Saab V-8 concept in the late eighties as well as two other engine concepts developed in the early 2000’s, those being the SVC and SCC engine concepts three decades later.

If there are other engines developed, that never surfaced, I would be interested in learning more about those as well!

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  1. Carl

    10. Mar, 2009

    That’s the 16-Valve B-motor used in Stig Blomqvist’s rally cars in the late 70s… I think they built about 5 of them.

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  2. Ryan

    10. Mar, 2009


    Thank you! By the way, I like your gravatar!



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