Saab History Connecting Former Saab USA Employees

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Saab History has been receiving a number of e-mails from former Saab Employees, particularly in the United States trying to re-unite with their fellow colleagues lately, presumably because of the fallout of General Motors and the relaunch of Saab Automobile as a newly independent company along with koenigsegg.

So who would have imagined that the fall of GM, would provide so many people, an opportunity to finally voice their opinions, share their information and provide truly interesting material with regards to Saab history.

All of the former Saab USA employees that worked during the following eras either physically in these offices or satellite offices, are now looking to reunite with one another, which is great.

405 Park Avenue, New York (1956-1961)
100 Waterfront Street New Haven, CT (1961-1971)
60 Marsh Hill Road / 35 Executive Blvd Orange, CT (1972-1992)
Norcross, Georgia (1992-2004)
Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan (2004-2009)

As you know, back in 2005, there close to 150 people that gathered in Connecticut for a 1st ever, Saab USA reunion. This year, there is another former employee reunion in Connecticut as well.

It is the work that many of you did that has contributed to Saab’s presence here over the years in the United States and that is why it’s important to celebrate each and every one of your accomplishments. In an effort to make this easy for you, I have placed a permanent contact link for all of you to the left of this site so you know what to look for titled “SAAB Former Employees Click Here”.

Please contact Saab History, if you are a former Saab USA employee looking to connect with another peer or colleague, I will do my very best to get you together.

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  1. Steve Heitzke

    16. Mar, 2009


    Started with Saab-Scania of America in January 1986 and I am still a employee of Scania U.S.A. Inc.
    We have been located in San Antonio Texas from May 1999.

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