Saab History Welcomes Mile Hi Body Shop As Sponsor

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Photo Credit: Mile Hi Body Shop. Inc.

Saab History welcomes Mile Hi Body Shop in Denver, Colorado as sponsor and advertiser. It is Mile Hi Body Shop that is one of the sponsors of what’s shaping up to be one of the most incredible Saab Owners Conventions in history, the 2009 SOC “Summit Of The Nines” which just opened registration.

Please welcome Mile Hi Body Shop in Denver as a proud supporter of the Saab Automobile since 1969!

Our loyal customers know that we respect the SAAB automobile as much as they do. That’s why we’ve specialized exclusively in SAAB maintenance and repair since 1969. Mile Hi is a complete, full service, independent SAAB garage. “We don’t guess . . . we TEST”. And we don’t fail to notice the obvious, either. We use our decades of experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to locate a problem before we make repairs. We’re committed to save our customers time and money.

Our History
From a pie bakery to automotive . . . What a change! In 1956, Kenneth Danner, not desiring the California lifestyle, moved to Denver. Working as a route deliveryman for a pie bakery, he learned the food industry and eventually formed Thompson Pie Co. Baking delicious pies and cakes, in a short time Ken had established a large clientele catering primarily to downtown Denver’s restaurants and cafes. In the early 60’s, Ken took the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life when his major competitor, Puritan Pie Co., offered to buy Thompson Pie Company.

Florian Schmidt was a devoted pie customer and good friends with Ken. Florian worked on cars in his garage and always desired to open an auto body shop. After selling his pie company, Ken and Florian formed a business called Schmidt’s Body Shop.

In 1963, Ken met Dick Catron, the owner of a regional SAAB parts and sales business. Dick opened a retail dealership and commissioned Ken to repair autos that were damaged during transport. In 1969, Ken dissolved his partnership with Florian and started Mile Hi Body Shop.

Gerald Danner (Jerry), was always around the body shop business growing up and had developed a general knowledge of body work and mechanical problems. In the early 1970’s, Jerry took over Mile Hi. By 1977, Mile Hi Body Shop had built a reputation as a one-stop-shop for SAAB body work and repairs. In 1980, Ken Danner turned over the shop to his son Jerry. A couple of years later, the shop had grown and relocated to accommodate a wrecking yard of SAAB cars for used parts.

Customer satisfaction, hard work and the love of SAABs is what motivates Mile Hi Body Shop. As cars get more sophisticated and technology is on the rise, we continually stay in touch with the latest challenges and problems. The foundation established by Kenneth Danner of exceptional customer satisfaction is still our first and foremost goal.

Mile Hi Body Shop, Inc.
519 Lipan Street
Denver, CO 80204-4906

Phone: 800.757.7222


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  1. Peter Gilbert

    11. Mar, 2009

    Having visited Jerry’s great shop in Denver, last September (read my article in the latest “Nines”), I can hardly wait for this year’s Saab Convention.

    The shop encompasses all one needs, from parts to bodywork, not to mention the bays, with their lifts.

    Those attending the convention, In August, should endeavor to take the five day tour, which I am looking forward to, as I have never seen Colorado, in depth.

    Peter Gilbert

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