What Chinese Auto Companies Are Interested in Saab?

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General Tso Meets Karl Gustav, Continued.

I want to take this opportunity to revisit the “what if” scenario that is to say, if Saab Automobile is considered by a Chinese Automobile company.

There has been some recent news about two of the six major players in the Chinese Auto Company, those being Dongfeng & Geely that relate to prospects other than Saab, so this could potentially reduce to candidates.

Right now, it appears that the Dongfeng Motor Company’s Chinese Defense Contractor is interested in acquiring GM’s Hummer Division and rightfully so. This defense contractor, is the same company that has been making Hummer knock-off’s for years, now they may have the opportunity to do it legitimately for once.

Geely Automotive on the other hand, also may have a chance with Ford’s Volvo car division, as they have expressed interest recently according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources.

This potentially leaves four of the six top companies that one could speculate, could put in bids for Saab Automobile AB.

These companies are Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) , Chery Automotive, Chang´an Automobile and FAW.

SAIC, who we heard about back in 2005, who have had close ties with GM partnerships over the years, interesting.

We also have Chery, who purchased rights to build Fiat Group cars back in 2007 and I could see a connection here given Saab used to work with Fiat on the 600 and 9000 models some years ago.

Then we have Chang´an Automobile who sell KIA, who was a mentioned as a potential candidate back in December.

Finally, we have FAW who has close ties with Volkswagen and Toyota, yet no connections can be made with this company at this point as it would be too much of a stretch.

While there are a number of other Chinese Automobile manufacturers in China, these are the top 4 out of 6 companies that would or could be capable of such an acquisition that I listed above, all else are small players in their home market and throughout the world.

So after visiting any of the remaining four companies websites here that I have hyperlinked here, which of these would be the best as Saab Automobile AB’s potential buyer and why?

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