Saab Automobile AB & Pininfarina In Conversations With Sweden’s Innovatum Group For Electric Car Project?

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Trollhattan Sweden’s TTELA reports that a group of stakeholders have applied for 155 million krowns from the Swedish Government to produce electric cars. This is in line with the Swedish Government’s report to get off of fossil fuels by 2020.

Evidently, Innovatum’s President Tore Helmersson said that they are now in dialog with Saab Automobile AB, Italian based Pininfarina and Sweden’s Vattenfall as well as Power Circle! For your knowledge, Innovatum is right down the road from the Saab Car Museum in Trollhattan.

I guess if a group of stakeholders apply for the loans and have backing, the Swedish Government would be more amenable to such a program, especially if it helps with its own mission for fossil fuel and Co2 Reduction?

I have contacted the folks at the “Dream Team” as it is referenced below at Innovatum, Pininfarina, Vattanfall and Powercircle at this time to ascertain more details on this matter.

Want to have 155 million for electric vehicles

Trollhättan / TT

A group of stakeholders has applied for 155 million kronor from the government to develop electric cars in Trollhättan.

Behind the application is technology park Innovatum and Electricity Power Cooperation Circle, where among other Vattenfall included.

The idea is to create a “dream team” of engineers and designed to develop different types of electric vehicles on Innovatum. Hopefully, it can lead to full-scale production with hundreds of employees, either at the Saab car factory in Trollhättan, or at Pininfarina in Uddevalla.

We now have a dialogue with both Saab and Pininfarina on how they could be integrated into the project, “says Tore Helmersson, president of Innovatum, to TV 4 News West.

Another idea is to get with the Norwegian electric car Think of the project. The output of this is now stationary, because money is lacking.

Applied for 85 million the first year, and 35 million per year for the following two.

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  1. anon.

    12. Mar, 2009

    wow, I love this 🙂
    May be not easy for the brand, but I still love the idea. Now that would be progressive thinking and development.

    Ethanol is a dead end, hybrids are around for 10 years already, hydrogen will not be around for another 10+ years but this project could push Saab back on top 🙂

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