Saab Automobile AB To Lay Off 750 Employees

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During this reconstruction process it has been mentioned today to Trollhattan’s TTELA that 750 workers and 100 executives will be dismissed from Saab Automobile AB.

It is unclear who will be departing and exactly when, but here is the announcement below.

Saab Automobile has not been announced earlier in the crisis for the automotive industry. During Thursday morning was the employees information about the now 650-collar employees and 100 officials alerts of dismissal.

TROLLHÄTTAN Saab Automobile in Trollhättan, 750 employees notice of termination, of which about 100 are officers.

On the factory floor in Trollhättan work, according to Saab’s information, some 1 650 people.

The entire company has more than 4 000 employees. This includes development and design center in Pixbo outside Gothenburg, the warehouse in Nyköping and offices in Stockholm.

Since 1990 the number of employees has fallen from around 7 800. Last year, there have been several cuts through voluntary arrangements with the package of agreements. It has meant that several hundred have left.

Production was halted in the morning at Saab in Trollhättan. 650 metal and 100 officers was given of termination. The reason for notice is the low production rate.

Afterward, the phone hot at IF Metall in Trollhättan, on Thursday morning.

РIt is of course very sad that these things happen, but we must adapt to the circumstances and the demand for our cars is lower than ever. It has been found that we have a redundancy, and we must do this to proceed. It feels heavy, but this is unfortunately a part of the reconstruction, said H̴kan Sk̦tt, negotiators in the metal.

Saab has previously been exempt from notice, because of an agreement between GM Europe and GM compartments. But with the divorce from GM Motors Saab became an independent company and does not contract any longer.

The staff has received information now in the morning.

– I feel really sad, but time is passing and the funding is not resolved, “says Metall klubbordförande Paul Ã…kerlund.

– It is extremely sad, but unfortunately necessary. We must adjust the number of employees after the decrease in demand for cars, “says Gunilla Gustavs of Saab’s product communications.

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