Swedish Government’s Mona Sahlin Expresses Support For Saab Automobile AB

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Photo Credit : TTELA Dragan Mitrovica

The Swedish Government’s leader of the Social Democratic party Mona Sahlin, our friend and support of Saab Automobile who rallied in the streets of Trollhattan back in February, is rallying again for the success of the company.

This continues to show that the Swedish Government is still split on supporting Saab Automobile until a new buyer comes along.

Here is the piece below from TTELA.

Published March 19, 2009 Updated March 19, 2009

Mona Sahlin is consistent with Trollhättans commissioner Gert-Inge Andersson (S) – Swedish automotive industry has a future and Saab is an important part of it. In addition to the visit at car plant did Sahlin to meet trade union and political representatives and to see the stadium construction in Vänersborg.

Mona Sahlin will give Saab a chance

TROLLHÄTTAN / VÄNERSBORG once was Mona Sahlin on the ground in the crisis, Trollhättan and once again was the message:

– Give Saab a chance.

The opposition leader believes in the car industry’s future and recommend measures in the form of loan guarantees and scrapping premium.

The day began with a visit to the Arena Vänersborg.

– Very Exciting, great and otherwise, was the verdict from Mona Sahlin.

She looked forward to coming back and look at bandy at a later date.

But it was not building an arena that was the main reason for opposition leaders Sahlins visit in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. The afternoon she declined to even visit Saab and talks with both unions and CEO Jan-Åke Jonsson.

Criticism of Government and Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson’s handling of the situation persists.

– If I had been responsible, I had said I think that Saab has a future. Europe needs to buy more cars.

Mona Sahlin, the return that she believes in the business plan. And that the State should provide loan guarantees and the introduction of a scrapping premium to help Saab to survive until they found a long-term owner.

– If Saab is lost, it costs taxpayers a lot more than to give Saab a chance.

Swedish car industry’s future lies as Mona Sahlin in the development of cars in the fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly segment. And the fight is about so much more than just jobs in the car. Pins Sweden automotive industry disappears skills could fertilize other industries.

At Volvo, the union accepted the reduced working hours with reduced pay in the fight for jobs. Mona Sahlin did not want to take away from that method.
– State evade responsibility, while the union is fighting for. It occurs in the absence of a strong a-cash. I read not metal for this, I read the government.

Yesterday’s visit coincided with the publication of a survey done by Synovate. The show declining confidence in the leader, but said to take the figures.
– There are polling numbers, and there are real numbers.

With real figures were she, for example, the unemployment statistics.
– The government has options to show that you can manage the job crisis while also having the voters’ confidence.

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  1. Kroum

    20. Mar, 2009

    Ryan, the Social Democratic Party is currently in opposition, and being its leader Ms. Sahlin is definitely not part of the current Swedish Government… Therefore, the latter cannot be “split” in its support for Saab due to Mona Sahlin’s stance.

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  2. Ryan

    20. Mar, 2009


    Thanks. This is good insight, so you are saying that Sahlin’s position is really an anomaly in her party towards Saab Automobile’s progress?

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  3. peter

    20. Mar, 2009

    I think Kroum is saying that Ms Sahlin is the leader of a party that currently has only 130 of the 349 seats.

    What she believes in, or says, has to be balanced against her inability to influence parliamentary decisions through her own party.

    She would have to gain support from the small minority parties to be able to have any influence on this matter.

    Normally reliable allies of the Social Democrats are the Left Party and the Green Party. If they all voted uniformly, they only have 45% of the vote. It is hard to see the Green Party voting to support Saab ?


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  4. Ryan

    20. Mar, 2009


    Thanks. So, Sahlin has a minority, but I would think that she can be influential in her dialogue and communications to her constituents though.



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