Saab Automobile AB & Fiat/Alfa Romeo?, Continued.

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The Fiat dialogue returns as the examiner has discussed that there have been “internal” discussions with Saab Automobile & Fiat, now that it looks like the Fiat / Chrysler deal will be falling through.

Fiat, headquartered in Torino, Italy, has previously worked with Saab Automobile on the Fiat/Lancia/Alfa Romeo Saab 600 and later and well known Saab 9000 platforms in the late seventies. In fact, Fiat continued to work with Saab Automobile many years later on the Saab 9-5’s successor “premium” platform, until General Motors shelved it in 2002 that was supposed to debut in 2005.

I think that a new group could emerge with Saab Automobile & Fiat as previously mentioned in Sweden’s Expression, that involves Saab Automobile, Fiat & Alfa Romeo.

Let’s look at it for a moment, Fiat & Alfa Romeo are planning on re-entering the United States market, and what a better way to do that with an established dealership network of 226 dealerships, 76 of which are exclusive that are eagerly awaiting new product. I could certainly see a Fiat/Alfa-Romeo/Saab dealership, much better than the Saab/Hummer Cadillac dealership combination, wouldn’t you think? Fiat’s products are right-sized and may include the possibility of bringing diesel to the United States given their power train lineups. Historically in the United States Saab dealerships also sold both the Alfa-Romeo as well as Fiat. One example I can provide you right now, was Dean Hill Motors in New Hampshire that sold FIAT & SAABs. This dealership combination has had happened before in multiple dealerships, so I don’t see why it could not come back again.

I would say that a joint partnership with Fiat would be about twenty years overdue since Fiat was originally supposed to be the owner of Saab Automobile in 1989, not GM.

Here’s hoping we see more details with Fiat & Saab Automobile coming into full focus.

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