If Koenigsegg Buys Saab Automobile, Would It Mean A Chance Of A Production Version Of The Saab Aero-X?

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Update: Geely & Koenigsegg have both officially indicated to Saab History that they are not interested in Saab Automobile AB at this time.

I have contacted Saab United as well as Swedish Radio to see why sources are indicating that Geely & Koenigsegg have been touring the Saab Automobile facilities as of late.

It’s too bad neither of these companies are interested as many of us were starting to become hopeful that Koenigsegg would buy Saab Automobile as we see in the poll results below.

There has been many enthusiastic individuals wondering, if Koenigsegg does come through for Saab Automobile as a buyer, would that mean that the possibility of building a production version of the Aero-X is more realistic?

Furthermore, since Swedish Companies, Saab Automobile and Koenigsegg, both have jets in their genes and a long racing background, wouldn’t this be a good match for such a collaboration?

I have posted a poll below, as it would be interesting for us to see the results.

Would you be excited to see Koenigsegg Buy Saab Automobile?

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