Saab History Celebrates Earth Day – April 22nd, 2009

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April 22nd, 2009 marks Earth Day, a day in which we need to celebrate the wonderful world we are so fortunate to be living in. This day is celebrated in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere and in the fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

In today’s heightened awareness of our natural environment around us, every day is and/or should be “earth day”. Today, however, we should take a moment to stop, think and see if there is just one more thing we can do to drastically change the way we do things in our daily lives.

Last year on this day, I watched a wonderful series on the local network here in the United States titled “Greening the Planet”. This segment focused on Sweden’s objectives to be off of fossil fuels by 2020, with just 11 years to go and making significant headway. Saab Automobile AB in Sweden has already converted their entire facility’s heating via wood chips as part of their ongoing environmental sustainability practices.

I hope you enjoy this film, as much as I did. This film for me, harkened back to my not so distant memories while living near the Stockholm, Sweden region some years ago. I can honestly say that while living in Sweden, I felt as though I was really living in a cutting edge environment that took the natural environment extremely seriously. However, since returning back to the United States since then and getting involved in the environmental movement with my wife in various ways, I’m seeing the United States begin to take a serious stride in the right direction as well.

During the coming days, I will be focusing on “greening” our daily lives and will be showcasing that here on Saab History as part of April’s Earth Month Celebrations.

In the meantime, please read more about the history of Earth Day via Wikipedia, it’s an interesting read:

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