Saab Automobile AB Is Planning New Advertising Campaign Once Emerged Succesfully From Reconstruction!

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Saab Automobile AB is apparently planning a huge advertising campaign once they successfully emerge from reconstruction this early summer according to TTELA.

This is really starting to sound positive and exciting for things to come in the near future for Saab Automobile!

Saab is planning advertising campaign

Trollhättan Saab Automobile equipping for the future and right now, a great marketing campaign.
– Now we are preparing for the next phase of reconstruction, “said Patrik Riese, Sweden Head of GM.

Saab is planning for a national marketing campaign. In partnership with Lowe Brindfors, one of Sweden’s largest advertising agencies with clients Coop, Electrolux and the Nordic Company, developed now details of the next advertising campaign.

Since it became clear that Saab Automobile reconstructed in Sweden has focused primarily been to support the company’s local dealer.
– We will continue to do so, at least out in April, “said Patrik Riese.

He would not confirm whether it is a new concept developed, or how extensive the campaign is planned to be. Even if it’s Saab’s new 9-3X will be in focus or if the drive should be construed as if the company expects to market is about to turn:

– We plan continued marketing and now we are preparing for the next phase of reconstruction. Then we go out publicly and try to reach out with our offerings.

What is the next phase of reconstruction? Is it when Saab may clear with a new owner?

– I can not say, “said Patrik Riese.

Lowe Brindfors designing all Saab advertising in Sweden. In 2007 was launched BioPower to the tunes of “Release Me” from the group Oh Laura, a song that became a jättehit and gave good force for the ethanol car.

Last year, advertising spouses chose to focus on the car’s turbo force.

Patrik Riese will not go into details but says that the marketing plan is “very good”.

– It is a positive campaign, clearly.

Even Pelle Holm, project manager at advertising agency Lowe Brindfors assure quality:
– It is great.
Patrik Riese think that Saab’s target audience has broadened considerably over the past year:
– Saab-issue, with new ownership, reorganization, etc., involving the entire Swedish people. In doing so, we have an even wider audience.

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