The Daily Show Showcases Life In Sweden

Posted on 26. Apr, 2009 by in 2000-2009, Scania Trucks & Busses, Sweden

I just watched a video by the Daily Show where they showcase Sweden in reference to the idea of “socialism” being applied to the United States today with Government Motors (GM) formerly known as General Motors and the financial industries bailouts as of late.

In this video they cover the Stockholm, Sweden area where I used to live, along with some interviews at a SCANIA factory as well!

The portrayal of Sweden in this video was one of the many reasons that contributed to my decision to live in Sweden some years ago.

I highly suggest you watch this film and please provide your feedback in the comments below. I hope this serves you well for some good humor for the start of the week.

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  1. dtram

    27. Apr, 2009

    It was great – very funny. All joking aside I’ve always felt that a good and workable society is a mixture of socialism and capitalism.

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  2. Ted Y

    27. Apr, 2009

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  3. Ryan

    28. Apr, 2009

    Dtram & Ted,

    Thank you! Really glad you both liked it!

    What did you think about part 2? Ted, thanks for that link here too!


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