Guy Lofalk, Saab’s Appointed Lawyer On Reconstruction

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Guy Lofalk is Saab Automobile’s appointed lawyer on the reconstruction team leading the process.

Here is a little about his efforts from Sweden’s TTELA

To learn more about him and his company, visit his website directly.

guy2.jpgGuy Lofalk appointed to lead the reconstruction says he has great confidence in the company’s future. But he also comes with the tough news that staff numbers must be reduced.

TROLLHÄTTAN – We must reduce the cost base and the largest part is the employees. The tough news gave lawyer Guy Lofalk now leading efforts to reconstruct Saab.

It was, as expected, lawyer Guy Lofalk that will lead efforts to reconstruct Saab. He, CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson, and an international consultant, Stephen Taylor will jointly prepare a reorganization plan that must be completed by May 20th.

The salaries are guaranteed a month ahead of the state wage. However, it is clear that the downsizing of the staff can not be avoided for the simple reason that Saab probably will not produce as many cars this year. But Guy Lofalk could not specify yesterday how many are at risk job, but want to give notice as soon as possible.

– We know it is painful to wait for clearance, “says Guy Lofalk.

Pay cash
The Company will during the reorganization period to pay anything that comes to the factory directly and in cash from now on.
– The debt burden in the reconstruction will not increase, “says Guy Lofalk.

Cuts of liabilities and chord changes with the creditors is just part of the reconstruction.
– A better balance is not enough, “says Guy Lofalk.

The reconstruction must also be operational, that is how the company specifically to change to reverse minus to plus. Not least, the words “divorce” from General Motors implemented.

– This is a complex process, “says Guy Lofalk.

Saab took with him some time ago and he has had time to put a little in the company’s problems. He had yesterday, great confidence in the company’s future.

– For me, the Saab stood for high quality and innovation.

He will be working the next few weeks, mostly on location in Trollhättan.
– The reorganization process should be transparent, we should be as open as possible, “says Guy Lofalk.

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