History Of The Saab USA HQ In The United States

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The history of Saab business has taken many routes over the years, and I thought it would now be the best time to briefly discuss where it started and hopefully where it’s heading.

In 1956, SAAB Motors, Inc. was established by Ralph Millet headquartered in New York City with a port in Hingham, Massachusetts.

In 1961, SAAB Motors, Inc. merged and relocated their headquarters and port to one facility in New Haven, Connecticut. This facility would be used for a period of 10 years, the duration of the lease.

In 1971, the newly merged company, Saab-Scania of America, Inc., began operations in Orange, Connecticut creating a rather large campus spanning two areas North and South of Interstate 95. These facilities included 60 Marsh Hill Road, 35 Executive Boulevardin 1988, 15 Executive Boulevard, a SCANIA truck facility North of the interstate, a large parts facility nearby in Meriden in 1987, and a training facility in Wallingford in 1998.

In 1992, following the GM 50% merger, newly established Saab Cars USA, Inc. began operations in Norcross, Georgia while their parts depot was also relocated to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In late 2004, a newly former Saab Automobile USA brand team moved to the Renaissance Center at GM headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In the fall of 2008, this brand team became consolidated into what is known as GM Premium Brands.

I am hopeful that Saab will carry on in a new capacity stateside as ‘Saab Automobile North America’ with a head office situated back in New England, North of Boston on the seacoast.

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  1. Stephen Goldberger

    30. Apr, 2009

    Very nice review of Saab’s US HQ wanderings. It reminds me that Bob Sinclair said he left Saab for Volvo precisely because he did not want to leave New York City for the “boondocks”. With every move (New York to Connecticut, Connectucut to Georgia, and Georgia to Detroit) good people decided they’d rather stay where they lived than stick with Saab. No such problems with the next move, as all the “Saab people” are now gone.

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  2. Ryan

    01. May, 2009


    Thanks! I’ve written about this history back and forth throughout various pages, but I decided to list it once again.

    I do have a longer list, showing all of the headquarters and various offices and facilities you might also be interested in too.


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