Saab History Learns That Koenigsegg & Power Circle Are Best Choices As Prospective Saab Automobile Owners

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I have recently received an e-mail from an anonymous insider. This person has indicated that apparently Saab Automobile believes that the Swedish company Koenigsegg & the Swedish investment group (Power Circle) are to be the best possible buyers for their company at this time.

Swedish company, Koenigsegg is the third automobile manufacturer in Sweden and has a long racing history and is touted as the best company to take ownership of Saab Automobile.

Power Circle is a Swedish investment group coupled with Sweden’s Innovatum in Trollhattan and the country’s largest energy provider, Vattenfall. The Norwegian government has also expressed interest in funding the new hybrid development and electric car projects at Saab Automobile as well.

It looks like right now, unless things change, the Swedish investment group, Koenigsegg & the Swedish Government will be the formation of financially supporting Saab Automobile once emerged from reconstruction on May 20th. Having a fully-Swedish owned & invested company will satisfy the requirements of the Swedish Government’s loan guarantees ensuring sustainability and locality keeping all production, talent, engineering, etc. at Saab Automobile in Sweden.

I should mention that the Power Circle group, and all of the parties involved have not responded to Saab History’s inquiries, and they are the only ones that have not, coincidence?

I leave you with a quote from Saab Automobile’s Eric Geers not too long ago.

“I cannot disclose who they are, but I can confirm that there is a group of investors in Sweden which has shown interest,” Saab spokesman Eric Geers told Automotive News.

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  1. Edusaab

    30. Apr, 2009

    After reading this news, my body begins to shiver of emotion. I Love the CCX, and its something during years I was thinking about, Why not Koenigsegg and Saab going together??

    the big issue in this case its the difficulties in terms of partnerships and synergies with other Auto companies.


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  2. Ryan

    30. Apr, 2009


    Thanks. This seems really good, I guess the fact that all of these companies are Swedish, satisfies the Swedish Government not to mention their constituents, and of course, the owners and enthusiasts worldwide!

    Believe or not, all of these companies have tons of $$$, especially Sweden’s leading energy provider, Vattenfall.

    Unless we hear any other last minute turns, this has been provided to me and many other media outlets lately. If anything conflicts with it, I hope those sources come out with something contrary..

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  3. Kroum

    30. Apr, 2009

    Whoa, that would be fantastic! Can’t wait for the “just a rebadged Koenigsegg” accusations. 🙂

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  4. AC

    30. Apr, 2009

    I cannot begin to tell you how excited I would be if this were to happen! What a company like Koenigsegg could do to Saab just in the terms of getting some excitement back into the brand name, and imagine all the lessons learned by crafting some of the world’s most desirable supercars that could be put into Saab… Continued innovation… I wonder what the folks at Top Gear will be saying when driving the first “official” Koenigsegg Saab. And you want to talk about Halo cars? LOL. OK, I’m getting ahead of myself…

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  5. Ryan

    01. May, 2009


    I am very excited and will be unsure exactly how such a relationship will begin with the current platforms with Koenigsigg, but I can tell you I am sure that the racing will certainly help with the next, next generation platforms (ie. Aero-X Plug-In Hybrid or Full Electric) to compete with the Tesla roadster?

    I am also interested in how a fully Swedish operation without direct ties in the United States, will reinstate its operations throughout the Globe such as here in the United States since that last true Saab USA employee was just let go.

    What do you and edusaab think?


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  6. Kroum

    01. May, 2009

    Well Ryan, I’m sure whoever is behind this financially (as it sure isn’t Christian von Koenigsegg going it alone) would also like to see some ROI at some point.

    A post at Saabs United awhile back mentioned Saab engineers who were disgruntled by how GM handled their ideas for weight-saving in cars. This just but one area where Koenigsegg and Saab can share know-how and technology: the use of advanced materials (such as carbon fiber) for weight-reduction and right-sized engines.

    There are many a potential synergy here… However, as exciting as it sounds, it is all speculation at this point. We’d need to wait a couple more months and see what really happens. And if Koenigsegg + Power Circle indeed end up owning Saab, what are their exact plans for the future of the brand and the partnership.

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  7. Ryan

    01. May, 2009


    Yes, of course, ROI is critical for the economically viable business plan that Swedish Government will soon seen just after reconstruction ends just nineteen days from now (hopefully without an extension).

    The weight saving strategies sound great as does right sizing (no more V-6s!!!), so I am also hopefully.

    I also agree, it’s nothing official, but it seems really good and a logical route so far, which makes us all feel good.

    I hope it comes true, and that the end result is the best for everyone, because that’s where Saab will be the winner in the short and long term.

    It’s also true, while Saab Automobile have their own plans, there may be some changes when it comes to their owners plans too, good point.

    Not too much longer now.. 🙂

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  8. anonymous

    01. May, 2009

    Out of all options, no doubt this one sounds the best.
    If this group has the cash and vision to push sustainable transportation to the masses, Saab is the luckiest car manufacturer in 2009 🙂
    Just to sum things up, the great points are:
    * all Scandinavian enterprise
    * Vattenfall means €€€, but even better – they have all the power and interest to push electrical vehicles on the market!
    * Norway – €€€ and some more €€€ and some serious interest in ecology and some existing sustainable transport programs, its Scandinavia and some more €€€ – can you possibly ask for more? 😀
    * Good or great competences in new sustainable powertrains present in Sweden
    * definitely acceptable and in fact favorable concept for Swedish government
    * everyone needs Saabs competences in this group – it’s the perfect size and culture company for the whole idea, and Koenigsegg needs Saab as desperately as the rest. Koenigsegg might be “cool” but to survive in modern automotive world with all legislations and massive r&d needs, they need access to Saab much more than Koenigsegg can possibly give to Saab.
    * and one more plus – seems like the are no bad things about this group 🙂

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  9. Edusaab

    01. May, 2009

    One courius thing, is the duo Koenigsegg+Power Circle or energy power companies. In one hand we have a company that build highly powerful cars, yes also with ethanol and possibly hybrid, but in the other hand companies that look for “electric cars” and the future of its business with the relationship between more electric cars in the streets and the increase of power consumption due that. Let’s see how it could finish in a car company those business interests.

    For me, it could be a dream to see a Saab with a V8 turbo, but I know it quite late for that. But the Koenigsegg partnership could give some light to the Sportcars or Sonett IV or coupe projects in Saab, this is quite positive in terms that Saab needs to relaunch its brand image. This is one of the big points in the next months after the reconstruction. Saab needs to relocate itself in the automotive business.

    The other big issue here, is that we are talking with one company or group of companies that will look more in Financial results and profitability than technollogy share. That’s one of the lacks if Saab finds a non Automotive business partner. The good think is that this companies has a strong future. The Power and energy sector its becoming a strong business due the new situation of limited resources, need of increase productivity and so…

    In terms of business for Saab, the thing is Trollhattan need to increase a lot its flexibility and capability to build not only any car, from a 9-1 to a 9-5 or a handbuild AeroX or anything similar. This is the future of Trollhattan, to maximize its production capacity with any model that Saab needs and when it needs, but in the other hand if Saab and the factory need to build other cars or anything else, we need to be openmind with that. The future of many Automotive factories and Auto Companies is this, to build any other thing or to be in other businesses to relocate its excess of capacity, taking in consideration they also reduce it(and we know what this means)

    The other big challenge for Saab to survive its to find and autobusiness company as a main partner. We know that now is GM, during 5-6 years, but after that?? If Saab wants to survive or finds a big partner to share big part of the big costs to develppe a car or its impossible to survive with less than 200000 units per year, or I will say more, with less than some million of units per year. We see that with Fiat, its looking for a partner for this reason. Another option its to find different partners for the different options and parts of the development, but that adds some complexity in the process and I don’t know how could be managed this complexity if there isn’t a big process of standarization(in some things is happening).


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  10. Ryan

    05. May, 2009


    I just received some incredible information regarding the Powercircle, Vattenfall, Think/Norway, Pininfarina electric car developments!

    Stay tuned!

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