Saab Automobile Gears Up For National Ad Campaign

Posted on 08. May, 2009 by in 2000-2009

Saab Automobile AB has just sent this video to me about their new advertising campaign that they will be launching apparently today in print, and on tv, as soon as next week.

This video shows some behind the scenes coverage, and so I leave you here with the video and the text below.

As you know Jan Ã…ke Jonsson and the entire Saab organization, here in Sweden and also worldwide, is looking forward to a new independent Saab
in the very near future and we are happy that you are joining us for what should be a very exciting ride. . .

Now a little info – Sweden gears up for a national advertising campaign.

You may have heard that we are about to kick off with a national advertising campaign in Sweden that will be rolled out over the coming days. The integrated campaign will include TV advertising, press advertising and also some outdoor elements.

The press advertising starts today and the TV starts next week. The ‘creative’ is focused on the rich innovative history of Saab, the direction and potential of an independent Saab and there will be a human element too. The campaign is coordinated with our wider communications plans on and off-line, our reorganization activities, and it is timed to reinforce an increase in positive tonality that we are already seeing in the Swedish media.

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  1. anonymous

    09. May, 2009

    call me unsupportive, but I reckon this campaign will be a huge waste. A huge mistake. Apart from Saab’s customers, in Sweden public opinion on Saab is rather bad for reasons marketing campaign can hardly change. Even worse, after watching the ad, people will check out Saab’s offering and there is almost nothing truly new. No breakthrough designs, no significant innovations, not even a single noticeable change.
    When new 9-5 is going to be launched and things will settle down about Saab’s future, Saab could really get people informed about the brand, but now they will only gain attention to disappoint people.

    There is only one case where I can be wrong – if the campaign will promote a different, evolved vision of Saab from what we have seen before. Now that could be fantastic, only my hopes are down because of the things they showed in the video and there should be some kind of new lead product – a concept car that wears and stands for a new future.

    If this campaign will carry only “scandinavian design, aircraft heritage and innovative company that introduced turbochargers” they should hang the person who pays for it.

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  2. Ryan

    09. May, 2009


    This is a very good observation. I suspect they will cover these areas that you mentioned. However, I am willing to bet that the focus is not entirely on product (sounds crazy since that’s their focus, selling product), but to use this ad campaign as a launch pad to “clear the air” that they will be effectively independent from GM with a new mission.

    I think that you are right there will be presumably multiple stepped ad campaigns following this one about each and every product.

    The interesting thing is, this one will only be taking place in Sweden.

    In my country, the United States, there looks be effectively nothing in the immediately allowing ad campaigns at a national level because there is effectively, no national Saab administration anymore.

    I guess Sweden is lucky, but then again, they should be doing something, it’s the country that they operate out of, not to mention where they started too.

    I am hopeful, and I just don’t think that the ad campaigns will be led to disappoint, because once again, I don’t think they will be focused entirely on just products, more on the future I think with emphasis on the “new Saab”.

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