Saab History Receives First New Saab Automobile TV Ad

Posted on 13. May, 2009 by in 2000-2009

The new Saab Automobile AB television ad announcing the new independent Saab that I announced last week, has just been provided to Saab History prior to airing.

This television ad is set to air in Sweden only beginning this week, enjoy and a thank you to the folks at Saab Automobile AB for providing it to Saab History for us to enjoy here online.

Here’s the text of the Swedish voiceover translated from Swedish to English, but also provided in Swedish for you native Swedish speakers as well.

‘We have always been willful and stubborn, and thought on the contrary, thought again.

We did it with turbo and BioPower. Now, we do it in aerodynamics, electrification, and other things that make the car more fun to drive and better for environment. That is how we have written our history. That is how we create our the future. ”

‘Vi har alltid varit egensinniga och envisa, tänkt tvärtom och tänkt nytt. Vi gjorde det med turbon och BioPower. Nu gör vi det inom aerodynamik, elektrifiering, och annat som gör bilen roligare att köra och bättre för miljön. Det är sÃ¥ vi har skrivit vÃ¥r historia. Det är sÃ¥ vi skapar vÃ¥r framtid.’

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