Sweden’s Green Party Approves Saab Automobile’s Sustainable Future

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Photo Credit: TTELA

TTELA indicates that Sweden’s Green political party has indicate just how good they feel about the future of the sustainability efforts of Saab Automobile AB.

Here is a rough translation again thanks to google below.

“State feels better now,” Peter Eriksson’s view after the Saab-visit

TROLLHÄTTAN After a progress report on the speculators and the production is The Green Party spokesman Peter Eriksson determined in its view on Saab’s future.
– Hope has been strengthened, he stated on the ground in Trollhättan factory.

Fresh information and a tour of the production was spokesman to express confidence in Tuesday’s Saab-visit.

– State feels better now than it has done previously, he announced, without disclosing what the CEO Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson and IF Metall klubbordförande Paul Ã…kerlund revealed.
As TTELA told yesterday several speculators will now be prepared to go deeper into the negotiation of an ownership. All will also, reportedly, have promised to increase production in Trollhättan.

– Thus, it may be appropriate to ask the government to listen. To stop adding trip, made Peter Eriksson was clear that he stands by his criticism that “the government failed Saab”.

– Here, they can build cars, continued Eriksson and nodded towards the factory. It is enough that in Stockholm who do not believe it …

With a new sustainable shareholder is Peter Eriksson confident that Saab cars can survive. Provided that the development of new environmentally friendly cars continues.
– It is urgent to wait five to ten years are not for any bilproducent. And I understand that Saab has a good chance of producing sustainable, less wasteful cars.

The Green Party, together with the red-green cooperation parties proposed a scrapping premium on cars made before 1989, this leading to a faster phase-out of the oldest and worst vehicles in the Swedish car fleet.
– Can we reduce energy consumption in cars and get the share of green cars automotive industry can be strengthened. Low emission vehicles will benefit.

Peter Eriksson and his party colleague Member of Parliament Peter RÃ¥dberg also commented Growth’s new analysis of the closure of the Saab not only would mean that the 4 000 employees are without jobs. According to the report, the costs of a possible closure nearly 7 500 jobs.

– Good when it is 1-1 in the match. And that’s Growth analysis hopefully will not be necessary, said Green and meant that ownership will soon be settled.
Then they took a view towards further Trollhätte Business and spokesman gave Saab area behind the wheel of a Volvo V50. With ethanol in the tank.

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