The New Saab Automobile Marketing Campaign Details

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The new Saab Automobile AB marketing campaign, in Sweden, is apparently off to a good start according to TTELA who interviewed Knut Simonsson, marketing director.

Knut is a really great person to talk with and interview, so I hope you enjoy this loosely translated recap from TTELA below.

Saab and marketing director Knut Simonsson has launched a major marketing campaign, where the roots of Trollhättan plays a central role.

Campaign to get Saab back on track

Trollhättan While the hunt for new owners entering the final phase, open the wallet for Saab now in their own way unique marketing campaign.

– Everything is about having the right timing, “says marketing director Knut Simonsson.

In several months, Saab has been extremely low with marketing efforts. For obvious reasons. The uncertainty over the future of the brand, and the fact that Saab is in reorganization, has been a strong reason not to waste money on large campaigns.

The company now believes the time be ripe to switch feet, must be seen as a sign of optimism.

First, people deemed simply be receptive to positive messages from Saab again. Moreover they think that the company should soon to be able to present a good solution to once again.

“New Saab”

Knut Simonsson confirms.

– We are creating a new Saab and when we want to take the chance to tell the whle story, he says, and continues:

– We want to talk about who we are and how much we believe in this.

During the few weeks running Saab’s series with four advertisements in Swedish newspapers (including TTELA, where part two is included in today’s newspaper).

Moreover shown yesterday a brand new commercial TV4.

Marketing grip is different. On every page in today’s TTELA For example, there is not a Saab product as far as the eye can reach.

Trollhättan is the message

Instead, it is Trollhättan that is the message – that this is where the Saab belong. “Is everything we want, will soon all important decisions relating to Saab taken here,”
according to Saab, and points out that it will lead to more jobs.

Yes, Saab promises to and including the next Saab 9-5 will be built in Trollhättan.

Back to the roots

– It’s back to the roots, and the most important is the Saab spirit. It is about to move home production, on new models and the business plan, “says Simonsson.
But it is not clear with the new owner. You sticking out your chin.
– It’s just until everything is clear that communication has extra strong effect.

You have stability?

– Exactly.

You are in reorganization. How can you really afford a new marketing campaign?

– There is a balance that is well invested money. Take it as an expression of that management believes in our future.

Knut Simonsson has himself met with the stakeholders that Saab now working with. He is convinced that they buy Saab’s business plan and message of this campaign.

– Saab has an incredibly strong story. If we take our DNA, so it stands for something unique, that can not be copied. So I do not think you buy a Saab to create something else.

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