Saab Dealers In United States Receive Positive Letter from Saab Automobile AB About Continued Presence

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The 225 Saab Dealers in the United States, have recently receive a positive letter from GM about Saab Automobile AB’s continued presence stateside.

Here it is for the record, good to hear! If you are a Saab dealership, keep up the tough fight, it’ll be here before you know it by July.

May 14, 2009

Dear Saab Dealer:

This letter is to provide all Saab dealers with an update on Saab planning.

There is no current change with respect to that planning and the Saab Dealer Agreement which remains in place. We need you to continue to focus on the brand and we will continue to support you in selling as many Saab vehicles as you can today and into the future.

It is also important that your customers understand that GM will continue to back the warranty on all Saab vehicles and that we are committed to ensure the availability of parts and service.

To continue our communication on the progress of the Saab reorganization, we held a call with the Saab National Dealer Council last weeks We informed the council that we are at the mid-point of the reorganization and that the process will continue through approximately mid-July. Saab Automobile AB is planning a full carve-out from GM with central offices in Sweden, contract services with GM, and plan to continue business in the U.S. market. There are currently a number of interested parties that are submitting letters of intent this week.

We hope a Memo of Understanding will be issued to a suitor in the near future. `

Given the challenging environment that we are in, we appreciate your continued support. We will continue to provide information on the reorganization of Saab Automobile, AB and any developments with GM’s viability plan as they become available.


Mark McNabb
NA Vice President
Premium Channel Leader

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