Saab History Regains Enthusiasm With Saab 900 Turbo

Posted on 28. May, 2009 by in 2000-2009, saab900turboproject


Photo Credit: Saab History

This past weekend, I managed to get the classic 1992 Saab 900 Turbo out and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of driving it over the course of memorial day weekend with my wife. You should have seen the nods we got on the highway, and interestingly enough, the majority of them from not Saab owners, but Toyota Prius drivers and passengers!

Three days of driving this classic Saab, really brought back the enthusiasm for the 900 Turbo, in contrast to the daily driver 1997 Saab 9000 CS. The handling, the passing ability, the visibility and the turbo rush were all unique characteristics reuniting me with the thrill of driving.

Outside of the driving, I took advantage of the Thule bike rack adapter, thanks to Saab USA parts, to carry our gary fisher mountain bikes for use through some incredible trails in New Hampshire.

The pinnacle of the experience was a trip last taken 10 years ago in a similar Saab 900 to an old drive in movie theater located in Northfield, Massachusetts which has been open almost as long as Saab Automobile has been manufacturing cars. The best moment was just after we arrived where we parked in between a minivan and an SUV. While we finished popping the hatch, folding back the seats and laying down to watch the movie under the stars, my wife said, “Wow, the classic Saab 900 really is the best!” It literally made my weekend!

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  1. marcin

    29. May, 2009

    Hey Ryan .glad you enjoyed the weekend in the greatest car of all…… really looks outstanding. It was worth it….huh?!
    It’s my dream to restore a classic 900 ,and even if i’ll have to eat carrots for the rest of my life I ‘ll do it hahaha……..
    No……but the car looks great and I’m sure it performs great too.
    I had few of them a while ago( actually not so long ago) ,but i sold them and now i weep………but like I said the day will come ….
    So I ‘m glad you had fun ………and ……….it was a nice feeling getting all the looks on the highway.huh…..nice,the car is worth it.
    Take care and keep on saabing.

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