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Saab Automobile AB Now Discussing Bridge Loans

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Reuters reports that Saab Automobile AB are now discussing Bridge Loans to get them through this period until their EIB loans are guaranteed.

* Carmaker still expects to have sufficient liquidity

* In funding talks with EIB

VISBY, Sweden, June 30 (Reuters) – Saab Automobile could increase production to meet higher demand if it secured bridge financing from the government, the struggling Swedish carmaker’s chief executive said on Tuesday.

Jan Ake Jonsson also told journalists on the sidelines of a conference on the island of Gotland the loss-making unit of bankrupt U.S. carmaker General Motors (GMGMQ.PK) had enough liquidity to last it through the grace period under creditor protection granted it by a Swedish court.

Niche sportscar maker Koenigsegg earlier this month agreed a preliminary deal to take over Saab, backed by Norwegian and U.S. investors. [ID:LG827751]

“We are discussing bridge loans,” Jonsson said.

“If we were to get that kind of financing that would mean we could increase production. We have the demand and we would of course have to rehire a number of individuals.”

Financing for the Koenigsegg deal included an expected $600 million in loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) guaranteed by the Swedish state, which so far has been reluctant to extend aid to what is an iconic Swedish brand.

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Jan Åke Jonsson Says Saab Automobile Need Funding Now

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TTELA reports that Saab Automobile needs money, quickly because they are currently in-between owners GM & Koenigsegg and funding for existing operations is running out.

Furthermore, the European Investment Bank loans apparently won’t be able to be granted until September 22nd, unless they can make an earlier board meeting with the EIB in late July. Those EIB loans also, cannot be used for existing operations, only future product and innovations.

Here’s the article below, loosely translated by Google Translate.

Saab must have money – quickly

Saab Automobile could produce and sell more cars today, but it lacks money.

– We could go up in output relative to the orders we have, “says Saab-Jan Ã…ke Jonsson to the Göteborgs-Posten online.

Now Saab is trying speed up the process surrounding the loan of approximately SEK 4.6 billion by the European Investment Bank (EIB), to try to get the money earlier.

There have otherwise talked about a possible payment after September 22. Only then would the EIB’s Board of Directors to take decisions. In August has been no board meeting and the July meeting, we do not have time to fully consider Saab’s loan application.

– We work with the EIB to see if we can not move the decision until July. We have not excluded it. We do not have the opportunity to adapt our operations because the money is insufficient, “said Jonsson.

Today mounted only one hundred cars a day in Trollhättan, a very low production. Without money contributions, it will remain there.

The EIB process is also the state an important negotiating partner. EIB require government guarantees and the conditions of those negotiating with Saab Riksgälden on.

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Saab Sighting Of The Week “Saab 900 At Seafood Market”

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Photo Credit: Saab History

This past week, I saw a great 1992 Saab 900 4-door sedan in front of the Harbor Fish Market in Portland, Maine.

I frequent this fish market as it provides some of the healthiest local seafood in the area at good prices and it’s clear that other Saab owners feel the same!

A nice Saab Sighting Of The Week, I hope to see this one driving around again!

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Koenigsegg To Be At the 2009 Saab Owners Convention?

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Saab History has recently learned that through a colleague, Koenigsegg is planning on being at the 2009 Saab Owners Convention taking place in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Koenigsegg @ Copper, sounds like there is a ring to it?

Here’s hoping Christian Von Koenigsegg & BÃ¥rd Eker will be there in full force to describe what their new vision for Saab Automobile will look like by then.

Hopefully this good news will help convince those that have been unsure about attending. In the meantime, please visit both the 2009 Saab Owners Convention Photo Archive and Promotional Video as well to see what the area will look like in anticipation to your arrival.

Finally, if you have not already registered for the Saab Owners Convention, I highly suggest you visit their site and ensure that you sign up today.

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Robert J. Sinclair, A SlideShow Of Memories (1932-2009)

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Saab History has just received a very nice slideshow representing the memories and accomplishments of former President Of Saab-Scania Of America, Bob Sinclair.

Robert J. Sinclair, former CEO of SAAB in North America and beloved father, husband, and friend, passed away peacefully on May 10, 2009. He was a gifted pianist, raced sports cars, offshore powerboats and his beloved Volvo Burro dunebuggy, and had a lifelong passion for fine automobiles, motorcycles, classical music and native american fishes which he avidly studied and collected for his aquaria. His good friend John Stein assembled this slide show of snapshots from his life, which was played at a celebration of Bob’s life on June 20th 2009 near his home in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Joel Manby, Former Saab USA President Speaks About GM & Saab

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Photo Credit: Saab Cars USA. Inc.

Joel Manby, Former President of Saab Cars USA, Inc. that I interviewed in December, speaks about his previous experience working with General Motors & Saab on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Here are some of his best quotes directly from the transcript. I also highly suggest you read my interview with him as well.

“…what I saw at General Motors which was not very good. It was chaos. It wasn’t very well led. And at General Motors it was only about the bottom line. It was only about money and, you know, at the end of the day, I don’t think great people are really attracted to that…”

“…when I was in the GM culture, a lot of the discussion was about cutting costs and labor issues, union issues, and not enough about what’s going on with that customer.”

“…Well, Saab…I’ll answer that in two different segments…with Saab, we had a fantastic car, but we had no marketing strategy and no dealer network. So, I was a very young, I was 32 years old and actually by the time I got to Saab, I was 34, but I was one of the younger GM division presidents, because they wanted the Saturn guest experience applied to a great product.”

“…with Saab, we had a fantastic car, but we had no marketing strategy and no dealer network.”

“On Saab, the biggest thing I learned is how difficult it is to change a culture that is not customer focused and in Saab’s case, it was an engineering driven company. When you’d be in the meetings, it’d be all about having the absolute, best car, which actually, you can go too far, because you can put things into the car that customers aren’t willing to pay for. The engineers want it, but you’re not willing to pay for it as a customer,and that’s what I walked away with [from] Saab. You’ve got to only put in things that the customer is willing to reward you for…”

“At Saturn and Saab I saw a lot of mistakes there where, frankly, it became poor leadership. It really comes down to strong leadership and at Herschend, the owners just permeate the values.”

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Swedish Company Launching Next Gen Electric Cars?

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Photo Credit: Allt Om Motor

Allt Om Motor has recently published a piece on next generation cars, with this particular one outfitted in a Saab 9-3 convertible!

This particular piece reminds me of the 2006 Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid Convertible concept.

Swedish company behind the next-generation electric cars.
2009-06-25 14:13

The Swedish company Electro Engine in Sweden AB has developed a new system that enables high-performance electric of conventional cars today is powered by internal combustion. Demonstration vehicles shown to the public during Almedal Week. The launch will take place June 29 kl. 09.00 in Visby harbor.

The system, known as True ElectricTM, can be used directly in the manufacture of new machine cars. It can also be used to convert second-hand cars to pure electric cars. This can be done without any reduction in car safety and performance. Moreover, the system has the potential to be far more cost effective than the system used for electric traction in the market today. A key component is a revolutionary and patent-pending systems for battery management.

Electro Engines CEO, Thomas Bergensfjord, notes, “many want to continue running stylish, practical and safe cars with good performance while they are keen to choose a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative. With True ElectricTM can now combine electric cars environmental friendliness and low running costs with the existing cars function and performance. For example, we may have a SAAB 9-3 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, reaching a speed of 180 km/h and run 15-20 mil of clean electricity without we changed the car exterior or interior – with both the trunk and pull the hook to go. ”

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Saab Designs Implemented Throughout Austria Hotel

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Photo Credits: Saab Automobile Austria

Saab Automobile Austria have decided to work with the Rathauspark, to implement their “move your mind” advertising campaign throughout their hotel in Austria.

Saab will design in suite at the Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark in Vienna.

The Swedish car manufacturer Saab, is known for its extraordinary design. Now, this also in the Saab suite at the Austria Trend Hotel Vienna City Hall Park in its application. At 45m2 Saab was now the slogan “Move your mind” in a creative and modern design language implemented.

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