Sten Helling Provides Saab History A Dealer Development Video From 1985

Posted on 12. Jun, 2009 by in 2000-2009, Orange, Connecticut

Saab History has recently received an incredible video from non other than Sten Helling himself this time, as a follow-up to the previous film I found at the Saabs @ Carlisle event.

This film unlike the previous film that discusses dealership support programs, focuses on the actual dealership development (ie.upgrading dealership facilities, having a consistent image, etc.).

In this film, Mr. Helling introduces you to the film directly from the Saab-Scania of America headquarters at 60 Marsh Hill Road in Orange, Connecticut, then invites you to see many Saab dealerships circa 1985 throughout the North East region of the United States.

I found this detailed yet brief film very nice and an impressive message sent to us today as to what the Saab dealership landscape was at that time, a year before the peak sales record spanning the “60 consecutive months of sales” (1982-1986).

A sincere thank you to Sten Helling for providing this video to Saab History. Here’s hoping he has many other videos, photographs and other information that will help illustrate the hard work that went into the successes here in the United States at that time.

This video is now the 474th film stored Permanently in the Saab History Video Archive.

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  1. Max

    19. Sep, 2010

    Cool video! Any idea what wheels are fitted to the black hatchback at 4:27 in the Manhattan showroom?

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