American Billionaires Behind Koenigsegg Buying Saab

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SVT now reports that an American Billionaires by the name of Augie Fabela & Mark Alan Bishop. is behind the purchase of Koenigsegg’s acquisition of Saab Automobile AB, who have been working with BÃ¥rd Eker and Christian von Koeningsegg.

American billionaire behind the purchase

Behind the purchase of the Saab is an American billionaire, Augie Fabela. , who made his money in Russia.

It is not the small sports car manufacturer Koeningsegg in Ängelholm who buy Saab. Without the company is only a facade for the real buyers who are in the new company Koeningsegg Group. And chairman of this newly formed company is the American billionaire aUgi Fabel.

He was with and formed the Russian mobile phone company Vimpelcom, which was the first Russian company that was introduced on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996.

Fabelafamiljen then sold its equity stake and was notified to report 100 million dollars.

This was the starting plate to the financial empire that aUgi Fabel now control and which made him billions.

He therefore has the financial muscle required for Saab purchase.

The consortium is now won the battle on the Saab is also the U.S. businessman Mark Alan Bishop, the Norwegian contractors Bård Eker and Christian von Koeningsegg who is president of sports car manufacturer in Ängelholm

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