Final Saab 9-5 Production Model Rolls Off Assembly Line

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

The final Saab 9-5 production model rolled off of the assembly line this week at the Saab factory in Trollhattan, Sweden.

The Saab 9-5 Sedan first debuted in 1997 as a MY ’98 model, has been in production for 11 years and this model represents the end of it’s production run.

It’s first year of production, the 9-5 hit the 3 millionth Saab model to be produced, and as it’s demand spiked over its lifetime, it set a new level of unparalleled safety for Saab Automobile.

To learn more about the 9-5’s history, please take a look through the Saab History 9-5 archive for more information.

A sincere thank you to the folks at the Saab Automobile AB factory and press team for providing this photograph to Saab History today.

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  1. anonymous

    03. Jul, 2009

    I am soo happy 🙂 Yes 9-5 was a good model, I have a lot of experience with it. It has it’s own flaws, it’s good sides but after 11 years I am delighted that there will not be 12th production year 🙂

    btw, one thing that looks suspicious – the car has steering wheel on the right side! Does it mean that the last example is not going to museum but will be delivered to UK, Japan or somewhere?

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  2. todd agostini

    03. Jul, 2009

    I hope they destroy the molds and the tools so they can never make another one again.

    Good riddance.

    Lets get to the future !!!

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  3. Robin M

    03. Jul, 2009

    It could be because I beleive it is only the last saloon/sedan and the 9-5 estate/wagon will continue. so the very last 9-5 will be an estate and that one might go into the museum and be left hand drive.

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  4. Peter Gilbert

    06. Jul, 2009

    When Jan-Willem Vester asked me which model Saab I wanted, I had my heart on the 9-5 Combi. I never regret my decision, because of the vehicle’s capabilities. I certainly hope the new Saab 9-5 will soon have a station wagon version.

    For those who may not have seen the strength, of the car, view the opening 5 minutes of webcast 24. It will amaze you.

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