SAAB SK-37 Viggen Jet Update On Shipment To U.S.

Posted on 09. Jul, 2009 by in 2000-2009, JA 37 (Viggen)

Photo Credit: Collings Foundation

The folks at the Collings Foundation have kindly shared with us, some recent photographs of the SAAB SK-37 VIGGEN being shipped to the United States from Sweden.There were previously some delays on getting this aircraft transported, but now that has been resolved.

sk37a.jpgOnce all of the parts have been received, the Collings Foundation will be piecing them together and will eventually have it up for display at their museum in Stow, Massachusetts!

Here’s hoping the delays are over and we’ll see this historic Viggen jet stateside this year.

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  1. wallpaper2

    09. Jul, 2009

    Woo!! share you some awesome wallpapers

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  2. Peter Gilbert

    09. Jul, 2009

    These are nice photos (the rain enhances the color) and I do have the actual plane, when it was still flying as my wallpaper. I downloaded it from Google images.

    We must turn out for the dedication event, when that occurs. The Collings Foundation has WWII planes touring the USA right now. Go on their site for details, as they have the only real B-24 still flying.

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  3. Peter Lundquist

    09. Jul, 2009

    This is great news, and about time we have a viggen on this side of the Atlantic.
    I use to fly these birds over thirty years ago at F15, and F7, and it was an awesome aircraft to fly.
    Thanks to all involved.
    Peter “Viktvakte”

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  4. Robert Bausch

    09. Jul, 2009

    Way back in September 1974 I saw 2 Viggens from the Swedish AF fly demos at the Farnborough International Airshow. Fantastic to watch them land, come to a stop, back up, turn around and take off again! I thought at the time that I would like to have a Saab car someday. I had to wait 21 years, but in 1995 I got the “car of my dreams”, a 1995 Saab 9000CSE. It still is that to me 14 years later. A fantastic car, I think the best Saab car ever. And the Viggen is still my favorite Saab aircraft.

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  5. Dan Eliason

    09. Feb, 2010

    What a surprise that you are bringing the SK to the US. I had the great privelige to go to the Flight Test Center at Linkoping on two different occasions. One for some test flights with a Helmet Mounted Display and another time with a holographic wide angle Head Up Display. The Viggen was a great airplane to fly–way ahead of its time.

    What is the tail number of the airframe comming to the US? If it if from F7, it may be the one Kent Harroskog checked me out in.

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  6. Peter Gilbert

    10. Feb, 2010

    The plane is finally being shipped from Sweden at the end of this March, and I will inform everyone when the public dedication at the Collings Foundation, in Stowe, MA will be held.

    During the 60th Anniversary, June 5th 2007, in Sweden, I had a private tour of the Flygvapenmuseum, in Linkoping and during the afternoon the last two flying Viggens flew over us on their way to the Saab airfield. they were not only the last Viggens, but were both SK-37’s of only 18 built. They were used as ECM test aircraft and the number on the the tail-fin (from the foundation photo) is 09 and FC is on the side, in front of the canard.

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  7. Robert Bausch

    10. Feb, 2010

    According to the Collings Foundation photos, it looks like the tail number is “13”. With “FC” on the front fuselage.

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  8. Ryan

    10. Feb, 2010


    Looking forward to your updates for us in March, hope we can see them before the NY Auto Show on March 31st.



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