Saab Automobile Sponsoring The Swedish Open

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Photo Credit: TTELA

TTELA reports that Saab Automobile AB is sponsoring the Swedish Open in the town of BÃ¥stad.

During this event, Saab Automobile is actively promoting their vehicles namely the Saab 9-3x as well as the Saab 9-3 Convertible “Air Edition”

Here’s a rough translation below.

“A party for Saab Owners”

BÃ…STAD Test runs, dinners and drinks in the lounge above the center court.

During the Swedish Open collector Saab forces to oil customers and dealers.

Nothing left to chance. Christine Martin polishing a 9-3X, which is supposed to be a big seller awaited.

BÃ¥stad Weeks is one of the major trials of Saab’s market people, perhaps the biggest. About 30 people work most of the days to drive players, serve customers, attract potential car buyers, arrange testing, invite to the VIP meetings and dinners and much, much more. Overall, the approximately 500 meetings daily between Saab and customers, players, media and others.

One of the spiders in the network is Marie Larsson, Saab’s responsible for the sponsorship agreement with the Swedish Open, Saab has sponsored tennis in BÃ¥stad for over 60 years. While all meetings are important, they are the loyal Saab customers perhaps number one.

– The goal is to make a feast for Saab Owner. Bilnyckeln is VIP tickets to the BÃ¥stad, “she says.

This means, for example, that five persons per key may come up on the upper gallery where they put on refreshments and more.

An essential part of Saab’s activities in the best way is to get people to test-drive 9-3X, both those who are already driving the Saab and they are not yet convinced. Saab owners will be caught in the special parking area where they can set free the car. Those who do not drive Saab tries to get hold of the hill below the church on the road to the tennis courts.

It says Christine Martin, product manager at Saab of Sweden. She frenetic polish on a white 9-3X, the car that hard to begin in the tennis weeks.

– I show the car and answer questions. There has been a lot questions about how it is with the new owners, “she says.

On this station is much of the job is to send people to any of the test stations. 1 000 test, it is intended that you should have time for during the Swedish Open.

Kenneth Bäcklund is at one of the cars. He comes with the test-makers on their 20-minute tours. Everyday to rally driver Kenneth Saab Performance Team which has the entire world as its field. His task is to give the brand credibility. Saab will be a sporty car that Saab people themselves love to run. When Kenneth put up the car on the side and driving on two wheels gives it a rarely seen imponeringsfaktor.

But the job also includes training, to learn Saab customers how they handle their car in difficult situations. For example on the ice in Jukkasjärvi.

– We are just over the border, “says Kenneth Bäcklund.

A quieter work environment has old Davis Cup hero of 1975, Ove Bengtsson. TTELA meet him in the Saab Lounge at the top of the stands at center court, where he stands and tells anecdotes tennis for about 40 invited customers.

Although he still does not quite put away the racket goes much of his time now to select a sponsor objects to Saab. Normally, Ove between ten and 15 requests per week on Saab is prepared to sponsor anything and everything. The answer is almost always no.

– Car is very popular. My function is to be a boring bars. Tractor pulling for example, is not our thing.

According to Ove is the uncertainty in ägarfrågan made it difficult to act recently.

– It is the problem. All await, including myself.

The message is however at odds with market manager Knut Simonsson’s stance, the Koenigsegg and nothing else applies.

Offers Saab actually agreed to come from Tomas Ledin. Saab and Volvo will be touring with him and show where his cabriolet. The initiative came entirely from Ledin.

– He wanted to support the Swedish automotive industry and invited us. He gets not a penny, “says Göran Andersson, head of Saab exhibitions in the world.

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