Mike Colleran As COO For Saab Cars North America, Inc.

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Film Credit: Saab History, thanks to Cherry Hill Saab of NJ & Tynan’s Saab of Fort Collins, CO

Saab History just received the following information from a number of Saab dealerships in the United States.

Mike Colleran has been named as President & Chief Operating Officer of the future Saab Cars North America organization. This is very good news, and having met him at the recent 2009 Saab Owners Convention, I am happy to hear how this process will unfold in the United States.

More details coming shortly.

Today, I would like to announce the next step forward in anticipation of a renewed Saab presence in North America with the appointment of Michael “Mike” Colleran as President and Chief Operating Officer of Saab Cars North America.

Mike has been a member of the Saab USA team since 2005 and most recently served as Sales Director for the General Motors Premium brands which include Saab, Cadillac, and HUMMER. Mike started his career with General Motors in 1989 after serving in the U.S. Military and has served in various sales, service and marketing roles during his twenty-year automotive career.

As we ready to finalize the sale to Koenigsegg group AB in the next months, Mike will be forming a new Saab team with the responsibility of preparing Saab and its partners for independent operations in North American markets. Those appointments will be announced at a later date.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all for your unwavering support during the last months and I would ask you to remain focused as we move into the next exciting chapter of Saab Automobile’s history.

Best regards,
Jan Ã…ke Jonsson

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  1. jc7222

    04. Sep, 2009

    I too am concerned about the association with GM and the negative preception that this creates. It is pretty interesting that the new GM is supposed to be leaner but, they are only really getting rid of Hummer and Pontiac. I always thought this was going to be pretty much the same company at the end of the day without the incredible debt. I always thought that it would be foolish for GM to let Saab and Opel go. Now we see that they too think so as well. they are positioning themselves for the future retaking of Saab and Opel (if they let Opel go at all).
    While I think it is a smart move by GM, I think it may hurt Saab. It benefits them not to be associated with GM. In addition, will GM allow them to build cars that will truly compete with or are better than Cadillac?

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