Saab Cars North America Sales & Service Team By Oct 5th

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At the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, Jan Ã…ke Jonsson introduced Mike Colleran who has been designated as the the new COO and President of Saab Cars North America, Inc. Mike Colleran who has worked as the Sales Director for Saab USA for the past 5 years, spoke at the 2009 Saab Owners Convention back in late August that I covered. Following this speaking engagement, his announcement with this new position, succeeding Steve Shannon took place back on September 3rd, 2009.

This video indicates a few announcements for the newly established Saab Cars North America, beginning with the new appointment of John Anderson, the head of sales & service for United States and North America markets. Although there is no press release available for this new position, I would expect there to be one, once a new communications director has been announced since Jan-Willem Vester left Saab USA on April 20th, a month after I interviewed him about his career.

In addition to the announcement of the new staff member, it also indicates that the remainder of the Saab Cars North America sales & service team will be completed by October 5th, 2009. This new team, speculated to consist of 46-49 people, may be half former GM employees with the other half, former Saab USA employees and/or from the outside.

In terms of the new headquarters location for this new team, it has been rumored to be initially within the GM Renaissance center, then will move to some facility nearby again, still in Michigan.

I am guessing that within the next few weeks by this date, the details will come out soon as to what this team will consist of, where they will be located and what the new Saab Cars North America will look like.

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  1. Tom

    21. Sep, 2009

    Jan-Ã…ke is hilarious even for a Swede. Could you imagine him confessing his love to a woman? “Well, I’m really enthusiatic…” 🙂

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  2. Ian Glenday

    22. Sep, 2009

    It is really imperative that areas of the US and Canada that no longer have Saab service because of dealer closings or breaking contractual agreements with Saab USA be included in the new plan with a capability to get warranty work done where current customers exist. The dealership I used no longer is with Saab. Their former master tech has set up his own shop locally and lots of his prior customers are now coming to him for service. He is however not authorized to do warranty work by Saab. It is time for Saab Cars of North America to think about customers such as me and many more in the US and Canada who are in limbo and could be dire financial straits if we cannot get warranty work done locally. Saab USA has used SAAB Service only facilities and should continue that practice.

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  3. Ryan

    22. Sep, 2009


    This is a very good suggestion. Saab dealerships already cooperate with many good independents.

    It can be up to Saab to “choose” what independents make the cut and which ones do not. This will weed out the good from the “bad” with a nice set of criteria.

    The “bad” ones would get a list of what they need to change or do better in order to gain the contact, and that hopefully will make them raise the bar too!


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    23. Sep, 2009

    As a former Saab Field District Parts and then Sales Sanager, before being moved into a Corporate Position as SAAB’s Eastern Region Dealer Development Manager, I can assure the many Saab owners out there that the loss of, and closing of many “So-Called Saab Dealers” is not in any way, shape, manner or form a loss…rather it is probably a blessing in disguise!

    Many of these domestic dealers that obtained the SAAB Franchise didn’t give a real damn about it and/or properly servicing the true SAAB customer, especially the long time ones, as they treated the franchise as a “Bastard Child” and were only concerned with the added gross and cash flow that could be generated!

    Here in America the market (a market) will always find itself and there are many a qualified shop out there, that once they realize the potential of this new found business they will step forward, and address it, which will include the proper and knowledgeable sevicing of the SAAB Product lineup!

    And this will be possible as any and all information that is needed is, today, readily available from the industry’s two major suppliers of repair information…ALLDATA and Mitchell On Demand wherein they both supply independent shops with 100% original factory information….which happens to be required, by law, under the Right to Repair Act!

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  5. Ian Glenday

    23. Sep, 2009


    I agree 100%. My main point is that warranty work be done in a broader realm than authorized dealers. The Service Only facility I was most familiar with was Saab Service of Orange, CT. When Saab of Milford went under, many owners in the local community were out on a limb for warranty work. The former service manager and his staff worked with Saab Cars USA to establish the first Saab Cars Service facility. I for one was glad they took this approach as it saved me lots of travel time going for service. It seems to make sense to have recently released Saab Master Techs (yes they are still out there) return to the Saab fold.

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  6. Gary Hilberer

    23. Sep, 2009

    Thanks for the support Ian. I am the Master SAAB tech who has opened his own facility due to the dealer ending his agreement with SAAB. I have spent the past 14 years as a SAAB tech. I also have 9 years experience as a Service Director for 2 G.M. dealerships. My knowledge of this field more than adequate to open a SAAB only Service facility.

    I myself am an orphan of the closing of our local dealer. Between myself and family we own 7 SAABS. We are 110 miles from the closest dealer in a community who has had a dealer for 14 years!

    To become a SAAB master tech takes some time and isn’t for everyone. This is only one of many requirements needed to have such a facility. The facility is also required to have all essential tools to perform the repairs. The cost of owning every tool needed is quite expensive. The facility needs enough space to stock needed factory parts.. The list goes on.

    As for myself I went out on a limb so to speak when I purchased all of the SAAB essential tools from the dealer whom I was employed. I also inventory genuine SAAB parts.
    I have everything I need to perform warr service and welcome the chance to serve the over 500 customers in our immediate area.

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