The History On BAIC’s CEO, Wang Dazong

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wang.jpgBAIC, the company that will be continuing the production of the old Saab 9-5 after signing an MOU with Koenigsegg Group is led by CEO, Wang Dazong.

Wang Dazong, born in China, educated in the U.S., is no stranger to the automotive industry taking the CEO position with BAIC in February of 2008 after working as the Vice President with Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) since March of 2006.

Prior to working with both SAIC and BAIC, Dazong was a former chief engineer and design manager at GM, not surprisingly. During his 20-year career at GM which began in 1985, he started out as an engineer and then rose to a chief engineer then manager making design and product development decisions and worked closely with Rick Wagoner, former CEO of GM according to Forbes.

With BAIC now working to not only take on the continued production of the old 9-5 sedan and sportcombi models in China, Dazong indicates that he also wants Saab technology and safety engineering as part of their nearly 33% stake in the newly independent Saab Automobile company much like GM did over their 20-year ownership of Saab according to TTELA.

Here’s hoping history does not repeat itself, for Saab’s sake.

His CV details are below.

1973: Student exchange programme in US
1980: Masters degree, School of Central China Science and Engineering
1984: Doctoral degree, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering, Cornell University, New York

1985: Joins General Motors
2006: General manager and chief engineer, Greater China Operations of
Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems; vice-president, SAIC Motor
2008, joined BAIC.

Source: Management Today

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6 Responses to “The History On BAIC’s CEO, Wang Dazong”

  1. Robin O;Connor

    22. Sep, 2009

    The question is was this General Motors and the Swedish Governments plan in the beginning, but are using a Swedish based company as a political shield?

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  2. Ryan

    22. Sep, 2009


    You may be onto something, especially with Wang Dazong’s long history working and knowing the GM culture.

    People at the Frankfurt Auto Show told me some surprising stories about this new plan.


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  3. Robin O;Connor

    22. Sep, 2009

    Ryan tell me more I need some info for my article in the Uk club magazine, I write an article for every issue, I wonder is this an exit strategery for the new company, dosent calling a company Sunshine sound typically Chinese? who actually owns this company Fabila or?

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  4. Ryan

    22. Sep, 2009


    I don’t have much more information other than this at this time.

    Sunshine is Fabella’s company, not the Chinese…at least for now.


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  5. Jasper

    22. Sep, 2009

    If BAIC is good enough to make Mercedes, they are good enough to make SAABs.
    Worse scenario: SAAB becomes a hugh Swedish contolled
    and inspired world car company.
    Not going to happen to VOLVO unfortunately thanks to the FRAUD motor Company.

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  6. Rodney Birkinbine

    08. May, 2012

    Been trying to get in touch with you for several years. Would love to hear from you.
    I’m retired now and still living in Anderson, Indiana. Hope all is well with your family.
    Regards, Rod Birkinbine

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