TTELA Covers Saab Automobile’s Lawyer, Kristina Geers

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TTELA covers Saab Automobile’s lawyer, Kristina Geers, Wife of Manager of Communications, Eric Geers.

Here is the piece beginning with some facts from TTELA, loosely translated by google translate:

Kristina Geers

Age: 39.

Family: Married to Eric (Information Manager at Saab). Two children.

Lives: Gothenburg, but to build houses in Ljungskile where Christina has grown up.

Occupation: General Counsel at Saab. Joined the company after university 1997th Became general counsel 2004th

Interests: Golf.
Kristina Geer on …

… what has been the toughest in this process?

-Tough is the priority, to know where to run now. Sometimes it felt like chaos, depending on the pressure on the organization. Meanwhile, (CEO) Jan Ã…ke (Jonsson) calm rub off on us.

… to negotiate with the Chinese?

-I see no problem, you should just be aware that it is different, that there is a difference in cultures.

… why it was Saab?

– I was interested in business law and wanted to enter a business. Saab attracted an international environment. Here I have worked in both the U.S. and Switzerland before moving back to Sweden again 2004th

… to be the sole woman in the management team?

– I am treated with respect and have never been in contact with the problem. Since it was not damaged, with more women because I believe in a balance, both in terms of gender, age and so on.

… what she does for its own network?

– I’m having in-house lawyers association and Hilda, a network for female lawyers here in Gothenburg. Then, the problem is that you should have time also.


Kristina Geer comes with quick steps and receive the reception. She apologizes although she missed time with more than a minute.

The rapid steps feels like a symbol of a rare busy year. Turning the computer work at night again, once the kids were asleep, has been more the rule than the exception. Weekend Jobs likewise. And holidays, it was cold inside.

– I hope to get my vacation soon, “says Saab’s General Counsel with a smile, when we settle down in her office in Pixbo.

November 8 last year, crashed it off, when the first signs were that GM would get rid of Saab. At the beginning of this year rolled to three major challenges started – cutting Saab from GM, to find a new owner and to get through a reorganization.

– Each of them is a huge process, las top of the regular work, “says Kristina Geer.

And much has first country in the General Counsel’s own table.

– It’ll so, law will be in anywhere. Legal, financial and so-Jan Ã…ke (Jonsson, Saab’s Managing Director) – as it has been the key in this.

Saab has taken the help of the law firm Roschier, so during the year, Kristina Geer had 20-25 lawyers, against the normal three, in the ward.

– Late’ve Koenigsegg had its lawyers, Beijing Automotive his GM and its. So there is hardly any law firm in Sweden who is not involved in this transaction.

Although the Swede has generally been given new legal knowledge. Who knew the concept of reorganization before February 20?

– It was something completely new, nobody knew what it was. I myself had to go out and buy a book, I will not even remember that I studied it, recognize Geers.

Six months later, Saab climbed out of the unique reconstruction. Never before Sweden had experienced such a big reorganization. That Saab also defied the statistics and took himself out of it out alive, made it no less remarkable.

But it was a complicated life with the legal rules that must be followed.

– You are, for example, had to pay suppliers directly. How could we solve it? Cash? Checks? There were new issues that we initially were not prepared for, “says Geers.

And then came the new entrants, as the administrator Guy Lofalk, as Kristina Geer’s been working with.

– In this process, it has always come in new players. And I must say that the collaboration has worked fantastically.

Another chapter in the heavy process has been to separate the Saab from GM. Some bands have been cut directly, while in other areas requires further collaboration in a period. And then the service is established.

– We have 30-40 contracts must be written between Saab and GM. Sure, we realized that there was a complexity, but it’s just taking it step by step.

In the middle of all this, Kristina Geers also realize that she had experience there are few corporate lawyers luxury. That she is free to share.

– I have received requests to hold seminars, because this is definitely a hot potato in the legal world. I myself know that it would have been nice to have time stop and reflect, “she says.

On the other hand thinks she does not use the experiences of Saab affair as a springboard to new jobs.

– I like where I sit. And when we are separated from GM, I get a more independent role and therefore an opportunity to build their own international network. It will be very exciting.

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    04. Nov, 2009

    I reacall meeting her at SOC00 before she married Eric – she and Eric attended that year.

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