Another Saab Enthusiast Converts Saab To Electric Power

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Photo Credits: Eric Illowsky / Electric Cars of NY, LLC

The trend continues with yet another Saab enthusiast converting their vehicle to electric power according to the daily green.

The owner of this Saab, Seth Leitman, is the one with the plan that has already written a book about building your own electric vehicle, in his case a 1998 NG900 in Copper. Here’s a nice summary on their blog about converting NG900 Saabs to electric power.

What I think is most impressive is that he said he will drive directly to you if you are in the Tri-State area interested in converting your Saab to electric power!

Here are the other individuals that have already created their own Saab electric vehicles over the years.

Saab Enthusiast Converts 1970 SAAB 96 To Electric Power – Brandon Hollinger of Pennsylvania

“Saabrina” The 1995 Saab 900 Electric Car Project Ends – Mark Ward of Missouri

A 1972 SAAB 96 Electric Vehicle – Christen Johansen in New York

A 1972 SAAB Electric Sonett III – Duke University

1974 Saab Sonett III – Electric car, cont. – Walter Kern

We can only hope we see more and more people continue to go electric with their Saabs.

Below is the article:

Hacking a Saab into a Lean, Green Electric Machine

evengine.jpgPassion for being green drives Seth Leitman to live an ecologically responsible life, but unfortunately passion alone doesn’t make a car drive emission free. So in an effort to solve that conundrum Leitman, the Green Living Guy blogger, and his friend Eric Illowsky, owner of Electric Cars of NY, LLC worked together to break down the steps of converting a car’s gas engine to electric.

They used a SAAB 900 as the guinea pig. First, they unscrewed the old gas engine, removing the bolts and other connectors. They used a reasonably priced motor ($1,700- $2,300) that has the power equivalent to a Honda Civic. In Leitman’s post on his Green Living Guy blog it sounds like he, Illowsky and mechanic Frank Taco had a grand old time putting the engine in, including fun with blow torches and saws.

For the SAAB’s new engine they used batteries imported from China, but decided that next time the best route would to be go local. After connecting the motor components it looks like the engine was all set.

evbatteries.jpgLeitman suggests that if you are not comfortable under the hood of a car, go ahead and hire a company to make the switcharoo. But if you have interest in the actual mechanics and are in the mood for a side project then grab Leitman’s book, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, which chronicles the steps in further detail.

Leitman also proposes to clear up any myths on how the electric car runs. If you are in the tri-state area and want to take a test whirl before making the conversion to your own car then Leitman will drive to you.

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