Saab History Visits Pioneer Saab Dealership

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Film Credit: Saab History

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Pioneer Saab in South Deerfield, Massachusetts which was the first Saab dealership that I had the opportunity to experience many years ago.

Having grown up Western, Massachusetts and owning my first Saab while experiencing this dealership, I began to realize why many others like me, continued their ownership and loyalty to products that come from Saab Automobile in Sweden. While the products have been great, it was the dealership like Pioneer Saab as I continue to learn, that significantly contributed to keeping me and many others in the region with Saab, over the years.

Pioneer Saab has served this greater Western, Massachusetts region for over 45 years and is effectively the only remaining semi-exclusive Saab dealership in its area. The dealership’s access to customers within the academic industry to wealthy year-round vacationers anywhere from New Jersey via Interstate 91 all the way to Canada is ideal. The customers that they serve outside of their immediate region continue to indicate that it’s not just your location, it’s how good you are as a Saab dealership, that dictates the loyalty. This premium positioning geographically, is just a small percentage of their success story.


The demographics of Pioneer Saab’s highly educated and wealthy customer base stems from students and faculty from colleges such as Amherst, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Hampshire & the University of Massachusetts. Their unique demographics serving a semi-urban academic clientele, continue to serve as a symbol that many other Saab dealerships even in the New England region strive to achieve, but cannot.

Minimalist Approach:

Size matters, and with Pioneer Saab’s sales, service and parts business, it is a continuation of Saab Automobile’s historical roots as a small car player in the global automotive industry. The company’s low-overhead approach to best serving an entire region in Western, Massachusetts better than just about every other nearby dealership in the state, keeps their customers coming back.

Personalized Service:

Due to their relationship based approach to customers, Pioneer Saab continues long standing relationships with the community and outside of their community. In the 15 years that I have known them, the referrals and overall quality of feedback I have experienced and heard about from other customers with regards to Pioneer Saab, have encouraged me to go out of my way to do business with them or refer others to them.

The Saab Experience:

If you are new to the brand or someone who is very familiar with it, Pioneer Saab epitomizes many other dealership experiences in every way. While their owner has been running the dealership for over 4 decades, their service and parts departments have nearly the same length of experience serving all Saab model years. My most surprising aspect of my visit consisted of re-acquainting myself with not only the owners, but their parts staff who first served my needs 15 years ago with my 1987 Saab 900! The RED designed facility to the personnel, all communicate the brand in the best way possible to the customer. This is the Saab experience!

Ideal Future Positioning:

As a result of everything mentioned here with my visit, I see Pioneer Saab’s future positioning as a premium player for the next era of Saab ideal, and it is their hope and mine that Saab Automobile continues so they can continue their Saab spirit!

A thank you to the folks at Pioneer Saab for having Saab History as their guest.


Pioneer Valley Sales & Service, Inc.
dba Pioneer Saab Volvo
253 Greenfield Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373
telephone: 413.665.2140

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  1. karen

    01. Dec, 2009

    I have been a loyal Saab owner since 1976, and never happier than when I started using Pioneer Saab in South Deerfield, Massachusetts for service in 2006 on my 1999 9-3 as I began my transition between NYC and the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. My block has eight homes, and four of us are Saab owners. Proximity to Pioneer Saab was one of the top three reasons I chose this village.

    Where one buys one’s Saab often has nothing to do with where one gets their service. The Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts is where affluent people from the urban Northeast send their children to prep schools and college, where they have second homes, and where they increasingly retire.

    The Pioneer Valley is the heart of what I call the I-91 Saab corridor from New Haven to the Canadian border, close to I-91’s intersection with the MassPike connecting Boston to Albany.

    Saab cannot survive in New England without longterm standalone excellent dealers like Pioneer Saab. Without New England, and especially without Western Massachusetts, NewSaab has no future in the United States.

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