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Saab History Year In Review – 2009

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Saab History marks it’s third full year since its launch in the fall of 2006. This year was quite unlike any that Saab has had over its lifetime including the past twenty years under GM ownership.

I have decided that unlike previous years writing a review about the happenings about Saab History specifically, it seemed more appropriate and timely to cover Saab’s own history over the course of the year.

Below is a month-by-month summary I have provided which will be updated based on the events over the course of the next three days.



At the first of the year we understood that GM was was strategically reviewing the Saab brand and gave Saab 3-months to find a buyer. If no buyer was found and a deal secured, GM would keep Saab running until December 31st, 2009, then wind the company down.

Following this news, speculation grew rapidly on what company could be the new buyer for Saab Automobile ranging from Fiat, TATA, BMW to Porsche, all stating that they are not interested in buying the company.

As dialogue rapidly continued about the sale of Saab, we heard from Saab and representatives from the Swedish Government attending the 2009 North American International Auto Show about the status of Saab. Saab Automobile’s own, Jan-Ake Jonsson stated “that in order for his company to be successful, it needed to become separated from GM. It was here where we learned about the “official talks” beginning with GM’s interest in selling Saab. This included everything from the company’s business plan to potential loans needed from the European Investment Bank in order for to become independent of GM.

In parallel, the 2010 Saab 9-3x and 9-4x official spy photos were released combined with those of the all new Saab 9-5 sedan. On the others side of the spectrum, GM was forced to sell the Pikes Peak heritage collection car.

At the end of this month, we learned that there was a significant date coming up of February 17th, which was the date that GM submitted their viability plan to the US Government.



At the first of the month, Saab Automobile began to update their global marketing strategy as they continued to work hard to develop their sustainable business plan.

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Saab History Suggests A Saab Enthusiast Convoy To Detroit

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Photo Credit: Saab History

With the Saab clubs in Europe taking the initiative to set up a convoy to Saab Automobile’s headquarters in Sweden, a week after the January 7th deadline, I think us here in the United States and Canada can do something even more effective.

I think it would make much more sense for us Saab owners and enthusiasts in the United States and Canada, to organize a nice convoy to Detroit. This convoy should take place next week, arriving within hours of the GM board meeting. this is the meeting where they will ultimately decide the fate of Saab Automobile’s future.

If we get enough Saab owners and enthusiasts parked outside of the GM Renaissance center in Detroit, perhaps we could really show them how serious we are in wanting Saab Automobile to have a bright future and be sold.

I think this would be the ideal location and timely, given that it would be on the day of the GM board meeting. Let’s get moving on this. Anyone know the time and date of the GM Board meeting next week? Let’s fill this parking lot and show a strong gathering of support for Saab! I think it would be a win-win for everyone involved. The press would of course love it too!

Assuming the weather is cooperative, all you need to do is drive there, park, hang out for a few hours, talk with the press, get some group photographs and show your Saab pride!

It’s up to those attending on the ground, to make the best determination as to exactly where on that day.

The press are already covering this event and it has not even started yet!

Automobile Magazine – Saab Convoy to Detroit to Save the Brand

Autoblog – Saab enthusiasts planning rally at GM HQ?

Jalopnik – Got A Saab? Head To Detroit To Help Save The Brand

USA Today – Saab Owners Organizing Convoy To GM Board Meeting

Motor Trend – Saab Enthusiasts Plan March On Detroit

The Swedish Wire – Saab Enthusiasts Gather In Detroit To Protest

Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA – Demonstration för Saab i Detroit

Bil Sport IN Sweden – Demonstration för Saab i Detroit

Goteborg Posten – Saab-entusiaster demonstrerar mot GM

Swedish Radio -Enda sättet är att sälja SAAB with Saab History Interview

Gay Wheels – Saab Enthusiasts Not Giving Up

Stockholm News – Manifestation for Saab planned in Detroit

AOL Autos wants to sponsor our signs! I think we get “SAVE SAAB” on them, what do you think?

Update 1.2.2009 1:50pm EST:

Who: Saab owners and enthusiasts coordinate here and e-mail each other.

What: Saab Enthusiast Convoy To Gather Near GM Rennaissance Center.

When: Meet On Tuesday, January 5th at noon. / Saab Car Gathering is at 1pm nearby.

Where: At the food court at the GM Renn Center. Click this link for more details and directions on the location.

The location where the vehicles will gather at 1pm here :

“There is a public lot at the corner of Atwater and St. Antoine right on the river that is only $3 per day. (Won’t find any cheaper parking near the Ren Cen.) It always has lots of extra capacity so maybe that’s a good choice. People can enter the Ren Cen from that side through the Winter Garden entrance on Atwater and the food court is on that same level.”

Click on the photo to see it larger!


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European Saab Clubs Plan Convoy To Trollhättan

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab Club of The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden are all planning a group convoy of Saabs to drive to Saab Automobile’s facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden on January 17th, 2010.

Apparently at around 11am, they will arrive at the Saab Car Museum and then sometime at around 1:30pm (13:30), a huge convoy will drive around the Saab Factory, the Saab Technical Center and so forth. The folks in the Netherlands are also planning on finishing their trip at the Spyker factory in their home country upon their return.

The idea apparently behind this is to get a lot of press to show up to see the visual support of the car company. While I see this as a good idea, I have to stop and consider two things that are critical to this grassroots initiative.

1) Timing If a deal is to be completed by next week on January 7th, why would this event need to take place 10 days later?

2) Location I wonder why they are choosing to drive to Saab’s headquarters, what’s the point?

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Saab Club Netherlands Sends Strong Saab Message

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The Saab Club of the Netherlands, who recently created a nice banner titled “SAAB, Get A Move On” with regards to the sale, are at it again.

This time, they have added a nice line to the bottom of the classic “Saab, Made In Trollhättan” sticker that Saab owners and enthusiasts place on their car all around the world.

This club continues to create timely and appropriate messages that Saab needs to be sold as soon as possible and that it will succeed being built by Swedes, not by beancounters.

Take a look at their website here.

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Saab Automobile Factory To Resume Production Jan 11th

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Saab History has learned that the Saab Automobile factory is to resume production on January 11th, 2010.

According to Eric Geers at Saab, the factory will resume production on the the following models. The 2010 Saab 9-3x, the 2010 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan & SportCombi, and the 2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible recently moved from Austria.

It has also been confirmed that the all new Saab 9-5 will not be in production on January 11th as it is scheduled to begin full production in April.

Of course, all of this is depends on the outcome with the new buyer for Saab Automobile which we hope is completed next week.

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New Deadline For Saab Bid Is Pushed To January 7th

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TTELA reports that a new deadline for the Saab bid is January 7th. It’s also worth noting that Saab Automobile’s factory is set to restart on January 11th, so let’s use this as our final deadline if the 7th is delayed by a few days.

New deadline for Saab bid

Stockholm, General Motors, Saab Spykers deadline for bids has been pushed back to January 7, states Spykers CEO Victor Muller of Reuters.
Mullen will now be more potential buyers than Spyker.

– This is something we have not heard of it yet, “said Anette Hellgren, union president of the Union at Saab’s Trollhattan factory, if the new deadline.

– I understand that the 31st was something that we thrust in the GM’s side in connection with the settlement announcement. Contrary, I have taken it so that it will hold on until it is finished.

Anette Hellgren says GM for a discussion with Spyker and it not strange that it set a deadline.

But timing is not important, as Koenigsegg, referring to when they pulled out?

– That’s it. There is a business plan that we so much want to follow.

– And the longer it drags on, the tougher it becomes, “says Anette Hellgren.

She does not believe there is a big gap between the end of December and January 7 from that aspect.

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Saab Automobile Sends Update To Employees

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Saab Automobile sends an update to their employees about the status of the company, the December 31st deadline that is no longer and the ongoing bids.

Work continues

After GM’s decision and communication December 18, the work of planning the decommissioning of Saab Automobile continued, while GM continues to evaluate the stakeholders that are in force a purchase of the company. This work has also continued during and after Christmas and will continue into the new year. Since the settlement decision December 18 is the deadline previously announced by GM – that is, on 31 December – no longer current. We are now waiting for information about GM’s reaction to the bids received.

Saab commitment to grow while increasing and the customers, enthusiasts who select retailers worldwide in various forms, its support for Saab. Special groups and so-called “fan pages” on Facebook has been started, and we see evidence of petition campaigns and open letters. One of the latest examples is the song “Griffin up!” By David Blumberg, located at:

With this, we wish all the employees a nice New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year and we will return with information as soon as something new is to bring.

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The First TV Ads For The New Era Of Saab Automobile

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As we wait yet another week until we learn about the future of Saab Automobile, I’d like to showcase more about what Saab has in store.

Earlier this year, Saab Automobile launched a new advertising campaign which highlighted the new Saab to give us an idea of what’s to come.

I have provided these television ads that were created as part of that campaign below. The first ad was done in in the spring focusing on the newly independent Saab and what to expect in the future

The second television ad for the newly independent Saab Automobile campaign “Changing Perspectives” that featured the Saab 9-3x.

I will be very interested to see what their third television ad will be that features the all new Saab 9-5.

We have to keep finding inspiration wherever we can at this time and show our support for Saab’s sale process.

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