Saab Automobile Being Split Into Five Divisions

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Goteborg, Sweden’s post have just released a story that discusses the Swedish Debt office’s requirement for Saab Automobile to split up into five divisions, Powertrain, Parts, Property, Tools and Investering.

It is important to emphasize says Saab Automobile’s Eric Geers, that this was required by the Swedish Debt office as simply a requirement and not for a break-up of the company.

This process which has already been completed, has made it possible for the old Saab 9-5 tooling acquisition to be had with BAIC as recently reported.

The other items, now tangible and organized should also be easier for a potential sale to take place with a new buyer.

Saab cut now legal. “To Debt Office requires it,” says information manager Eric Geers. At the same time Beijing Auto to disassemble tool in Trollhättan.

Many have feared that to happen – and now seems the legal basis be laid for cutting Saab and sell the parts that can be translated into money.

Saab Automobile AB was registered in its current form in 1990. But in the database, Business Check, which uses the GP says five companies with Saab Automobile as first names registered.

The units: Powertrain, Parts, Property, Tools and Investment.

Tools and Property are brand new, registered on the 10th and 12th of November, i.e. three weeks ago.

Parts is certainly originally from 2000, but the current company is registered 15 October this year.

Powertrain has been renamed several times, last November 20, 2009 from General Motors Powertrain-Sweden AB to Saab Automobile Powertrain AB. It was the day after the current company data. Four of these companies is, therefore, in its current form, registered last month.

Eric Geers says that this should not be seen as a preparation for the break-up Saab.

– This is a requirement from the Debt Office, for their assessment, “said Geers.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Industry, Joran Hagglund, confirmed through his press secretary Håkan Lind that it is a requirement from Government / Riksgälden that Saab is divided.

– The explanation is that one must clarify and define the security in that way, “says HÃ¥kan Lind.

Eric Geers would not comment on the data circulated in recent days about the Beijing Auto is in Trollhättan to seize the tools of the old Saab 9-3.

But GP has been given the task of confirmation and new technology even claims that the tools are already sold.

In that way, thus cutting the Saab has already begun.

This could be Saab Management’s last-ditch measures to secure revenues and operate properly in the expectation that it will be clear with a new buyer.

Theoretically, they would, or more accurately, the parent company GM – after selling the old tools – have the ability to sell such property and land and then hiring themselves and continue to build cars.

Saab management has not said in recent months, how much money the company has to drive manufacturing forward. But according to calculations in different media, based on what was said about monetary consumption at the beginning of the year, the money would be completed by now. it has been speculated that GM continues to inject money into silence. It has been GM to make, for example, by ceasing to send bills on the materials to be delivered via Saab’s parent company.

According to various sources to Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson and Sven Otto Littorin, Ministry of Employment, visit Trollhattan on Tuesday.

If the will bring anything that could save Saab is uncertain.

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